Julie Pepper – ‘Black Salt’ – Jewish Sayanim Terrorists & the Whangarei ‘Shooting’


Featured Image Julie ‘Pepper’ of Black Salt Property Whangarei.  Not that we want to be ‘nosy’, but could she help ‘smell’ a rat? 


IMPORTANT NOTE – If NONE of our MP’s are asking these types of questions – who do you think they ALL work for? 

Media Whores has well documented Jewish Sayanim terrorist involvement in the 911 attacks and most of the staged ‘terror’ attacks since 911. They are a global network of treasonous spies all fighting for the Zionist / Jewish Israeli State and as far as we can tell are also often involved in child trafficking operations.

We should be careful here to say that we are NOT alleging Julie ‘Pepper’ of Black Salt Whangarei is a Jewish Sayanim terrorist, but we do think her close associations with the alleged Whangarei shooting could help clarify events and possibly even help expose if there were any Jewish Sayanim terrorists involved in this ‘event’.

Thus we have some questions for Julie ‘Pepper’ and we think it is not only reasonable to ask these questions of those involved, but also very much in the public’s interest to do so. Kiwis are being terrorized after all.

Please note – Media Whores has neither said nor concluded that there were no victims in the alleged Whangarei shooting. We are simply asking the type of questions that the mainstream media should be – but are not – much like they never asked even ONE serious question about the 911 attacks, or ANY of the staged terror attacks since 911 – the excuse being used to spy on your finances and children. The mainstream media have been carefully groomed and all work for the Israeli cause, or the Fourth Reich as we call it, much like ALL of our MP’s. There is only one mafia on this planet and they specialize in deceiving people into thinking there are other sides. It used to be the ‘Nazis’ (in fact just Zionists dressed in Nazi uniforms), and now it is ‘radical Islam’ (in fact just Jewish Sayanim dressed up as Muslims). Always two sides to the very same coin / mafia.


The ‘trump card’ these people use in their never ending war against the slave class ‘Goy’ is to always scream and shout about the victims every time someone questions the ‘official’ story. The response to this should of course be “if you care about the alleged victims – why are you not asking these questions also?”. In fact ask them if they still believe sky scrapers collapse when hit with two alloy airplanes and if the answer is yes, you will know what/ who you are dealing with – deceptive Sayanim infiltrators.

So let’s proceed: 

Julie Pepper has been widely quoted as stating she was a close friend of alleged victim Wendy Campbell. Her daughter even stated that she thought of Wendy as a “second Mum”

“Wendy was a very outgoing, very vibrant, fun down to earth person,” close family friend Julie Pepper told Newshub. She calls a spade a spade and she’ll always have your back. She sticks up for friends and family, she’s very loyal. I too am a property manager and it’s something that’s going to be playing on every property manager’s mind in Whangarei. It’s quite a close-knit group of people, and just something we can’t fathom ever happening.” Ms Pepper’s daughter, Courtenay, says “it’s not fair”, calling Wendy “a second mum”. – Newshub

Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666

The Media Works logo is an XXX which stands for 666. Owned by Jewish foreign banker Howard Marks

The ‘official story’ is that Wendy Campbell moved to Whangarei to start a property company called “Seek n Find Limited”. Media Whores started looking into that company name when we read those reports over the weekend. As we go back over reports today, we see that the name “Seek n Find Limited” has been replaced in most articles by the words “Seek n Find Property Management” with no limited included. If Wendy Campbell had a limited liability company, her name would be available under that company name on the Companies Office website. It is not.

What we do find on the Companies Office website is a company named “Seek n Find Ltd” which was registered around 2012, a few days after Julie Pepper dropped that very same name  “Seek n Find Ltd” before eventually changing it to  “Black Salt Property Limited”.

It is interesting to note Julie Campbell’s original company name which was “All Kosher Reality Limited” – Kosher being a reference to what is acceptable for Jewish people. Presumably she is Jewish and was targeting the Jewish market. Media Whores has previously reported on how Zionists have been flooding our borders in recent years since John ‘the Jew’ Key was placed as dictator for the Rothschild owned banks some years ago. There is BIG money in selling property to these alleged Judeo/ Russian criminals. We refer to it as a Bolshevik / Jewish / terrorist invasion.

It is also interesting to note that a well know (alleged) fraudster (Gary Hobbs) who seems to be protected by our “Just Us” system took up that exact same name “Seek n Find Limited” just a few days after Julie Pepper let it go. What are the odds? Is it safe to presume that there was some communication between Julie Pepper and alleged serious fraudster Gary Hobbs? Is it possible Gary Hobbs is a part of this Jewish Sayanim spy network that is terrorizing New Zealand and its people – financially and otherwise?

It is also interesting to note that the official story claims Wendy Campbell moved to Whangarei to start her ‘new’ property management company a short time after these name changes were going on. It was reported that she took up the name of Seek n Find Ltd, but that was changed over the next few days to “seek n Find Property Management” which is not a listed company.

In fact, Wendy Campbell’s name shows up on none of the companies listed, not as a director or even as a shareholder. Perhaps she was just working for cash?

Could one be forgiven for suspecting that Wendy Campbell’s company or business in Whangarei was purely an invention of Julie Pepper? Why is her name all over those company names but no mention of Wendy Campbell at all? And what is the link, if any, to alleged serious fraudster and conman Gary Hobbs?

Then when we take a closer look at the websites of both Julie Pepper’s Black Salt and Wendy Campbell’s Seek n Find – we see that they are almost identical. Black Salt claims to do commercial property so has a few different pages, but even the content on the pages is the same. Also interesting to note that Wendy Campbell only had 4 properties listed on her website, even in the “archives” page, which seems a bit light for 4 years work. Someone has logged in in the past few days and removed the Tiger’s Road listing also which is interesting. Is it possibly Wendy Campbell still has access to an iPad? There is a grand total of three properties listed on Julie Pepper’s Black Salt website which also seems a bit light for many years work. What exactly is Julie Pepper trading in in Whangarei? We would advise locals to keep a close eye on that.

Website screen prints below.

And don’t rely on Whangarei policeman Stephen Chamberlain to investigate any of this. He is apparently not even returning calls and is not interested that Wendy Campbell doesn’t appear to own any company in Whangarei. Presumably he is a Freemason and locals would be well advised to be cautious around him in our opinion. It is of course the crime of Treason (amongst others) if Stephen Chamberlain was helping to fudge this investigation despite his oath. Nor would we be putting much faith in Superintendent Russell Le Prou, Northland district commander, who is apparently tied up trying to cover over recent police sexual harassment allegations in Whangarei. Is the entire Whangarei police station ‘compromised’ and if so, who is running it? Masons anyone? The puppets of the Jewish Bolshevik terrorists – sometimes referred to as the “enemy within”.


Whangarei Police sexual harassment – covered up – Stuff

Black Salt Property Website Link

Seek n Find Website Link

Other opinions from the ‘web’ – nobody likes to admit we have been hoodwinked – but this is about keeping Kiwis and their children and families safe from an alleged bunch of insane terrorists and child sex traffickers who may well be terrorizing our communities with hoaxes and false flags, with the protection of the Freemason police. It is therefore in the public’s interests to be asking these questions. 

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