Wendy Campbell Farewelled at Elim Christian Camp – Whangarei Shooting


Featured Image – Luke & Marilyn Brough of the Elim Christian Centre/ camp. Elim is a reference to the Hebrew word Elohim – a reference to the so called “Fallen Angles” of the Bible ie) the children of Satan/ Satanists. Not to suggest these two may be Satanists or anything but an unfortunate choice of name for a Christian Church one could well argue. 


Out of respect for any alleged victims – Media Whores seems to be the only media in the Country actually asking any questions about this alleged shooting tragedy in Whangarei. The investigation has not concluded and yet we are apparently also the only ones using the word “alleged” as legally required by law. For all we know Wendy Campbell may have been set up or even disappeared somewhere, so we think these questions are important, not least for the safety of other Kiwis also.  Actually it is Wendy Campbell-Rodgers we are now told and we believe her apparent tragic end deserves at least some degree of questioning, not least of those actually involved.

Whangarei policeman Stephen Chamberlain is also apparently investigating the case, but does not returns calls and apparently has no interest in the fact that Wendy Campbell had no company registered at all, not least in Whangarei. The Whangarei police are currently being investigated for sexual harassment of course so may just be a bit snowed under.


Today we are interested in the funeral of Wendy Campbell, published in video format on Stuff.

Media were asked not to attend. Indeed.

The first thing you will notice is that that the narrator – someone we have never heard before and possibly from overseas – is not actually there, or apparently even watching the video as he states that “Wendy Campbell’s husband helped carry the coffin” – as you can see he is standing at the back holding hands with two women.

He also states that “hundreds of mourners” attended – we counted 23 – although they did ship in some school children also, perhaps doubling that number.

He also states many were “visibly near tears” – take a look for yourself from the screen shots below

Full video on Stuff here

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