Rothschild Communist Bill English Admits to Welfare Fraud


Featured Image – Bill English – claims to be a Roman Catholic, so presumably that is a Roman nose. 


You could argue over semantics but it is all just stealing off tax payers – the same people they pretend to be ‘leading’.  They all work for the Rothschild bankers, not us, so they all rob and steal as much as they can on the way through ‘the system’.

Bill English buckles over housing allowance

All of these ‘leaders’ have been groomed through the whole communist system, at the very best schools and specialised in public speaking, and acting. Student Unions, ‘head’ boys and the likes. And there is almost always a family link to the inbred ‘club’ somewhere. Posing as left and right in the illusion referred to as democracy, but all working towards a common/ communist / globalist goal, at our collective expense. Only those who perform the worst end up as the politicians, the semi talented ones go on to run the corporations that sit behind the politicians. Politics is show business for the ugly people.

Bill English is campaigning on the status quo of 40-60% net taxes on the working coupled with massive corporate welfare. That makes him a Rothschild communist.

After 150 years hard work in New Zealand – we owe around $100 billion to the Rothschild foreign banks. A stunning achievement. We did used to own the power companies we built of course, up until recently.

New Zealand would thrive once again if all income taxes were removed off the working. What happens when you tax tobacco? So why do we tax incomes? Its not rocket science and very basic economics can prove that income taxes cripple nations. That is what they are designed to do. The welfare system is a by product of income taxes,. and very little else. It is simply the means by which the Government insure they have work to do – saving us all from the poor and unemployed, that they created. Welfare is in fact Warfare – the R and L are interchangeable in Hebrew/ Phoenician. There are no accidents in these words we are given to use.

The entire system of Government could be put on line and run for next to nothing, with the saving of 121 corrupt Rothschild MP salaries, perks, pensions and BMWs, not to mention everything they steal on top of that. The GST and associated sales taxes are more than enough to run this country, all else is just theft posing as political correctness, bureaucracy and wastage. Direct democracy with a binding referendum on everything is the biggest threat to the mafia who currently run the Nation under this MMP debacle, and is therefore never discussed.

All the Rothschild system does is tax the working to fund the welfare system and their immigration / recolonization agenda, all the while providing corporate welfare to the globalist inbred billionaire class and always resulting in record foreign bank profits – and child abuse – year after year. Its a joke.

The Government should have been put on line 20 years ago and the GCSB used to secure it from the Israeli and Russian (Judeo Mafia) hackers. Do you think any of these compromised Rothschild fools will offer the public that solution?

Voting for these double speak clowns is called Stockholm Syndrome – befriending your captors – and it is a mental illness. Kiwis have been ground down over the past 30+ years of Rothschild controlled communism posing as free market ‘neo liberalism’ to the point where they just bend over and actually vote for more of it. Kiwis have become so brow beaten by this fake political system over the years that they have no idea what a successful Nation could look like. They now think child abuse is normal.

To think people actually queue up and vote for record foreign bank profits and record child abuse, year after year. We are living in the Zombie Apocalypse and it has only survived the previous 20 years thanks to the ever increasing use of prescription medications.

#FreetheSlaves #FreetheGoy

Bill English defends taxpayer cash for house

Finance Minister Bill English says he appreciates the support he gets from taxpayers, which saw him claim nearly $1000 a week to live in his family house in Wellington.

Mr English today defended the payments, saying it was within the rules and was the same as other ministers were getting. He had made the best option for his family and the cheapest for taxpayers.

The English’s family trust owns the $1.2 million house in Karori – Stuff

Bill English buckles over housing allowance

Bill English ignores Nick Smith MP child abuse ring allegations – in fact Bill English hangs out with him in his spare time. These (alleged) types have thrived in this Rothschild foreign bank pimpocracy.

And then Christine Rankin comes out swinging also – what a circus.

Paul Holmes then rented out (girls) to Bob Jones, who was paying both of them in methamphetamines. And we should not forget Sir Geoffrey Palmer, who became a Privy Counsellor, the highest ranked judicial figure in New Zealand. He got into that position of Privy Counsellor by covering up a police paedophile ring in Dunedin, and another one in Christchurch, and then he would go to a dominatrix called Christine Rankin to get his white ass whipped. Sir Geoffrey Palmer then promoted Christine Rankin to the Commissioner of Families which really helps the paedophiles. New Zealand is a completely dysfunctional country, absolutely dysfunctional. The person who reorganised state services in 1988 is Margaret Bazley. She was the bag lady for the heroin trafficking. She would carry the money for the hits and the guns for the hits and deliver them to her husband James Frederick Bazley, known as Steve Bazley, who was then convicted of triple murder, including the murder of Doug and Isobel Wilson. – Greg Hallett


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