Elitecon 2017 – Growing Calls to Ban Brown People from the Streets

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Featured Image – Radio New Zealand tackles the big issues – window washers in Auckland


There are growing calls across the party divide in New Zealand to ban coloured people from the streets.

The movement is being led by Jamie Lee Ross, Nazional M’P’ for Botany in Auckland.


Ross discusses window washer strategy with John “J” Key. “They always take photos of me when I touch the kids, so lets wait until a bit later” – Zimbio. More lisping than a Swiss Bar Mitzvah. 

“This has nothing to do with race – its about the free market. We pay taxes so that these people can afford a roof over their heads, so why are they out working on the streets?” One liberal we spoke with said.

“I haven’t seen any crime as yet, but its only a matter of time. Just look at them. We have paid for numerous brand new and quite comfortable Serco jails in recent years – why are these people still out on the streets free to do as they please?” another said.

“I don’t mind paying some more taxes if it means we can clean up the streets and make them safer for those stuck in traffic” said another Green Party supporter.

Experts say that up to $3,245 every day is “wasted” on street window washers around the Nation and that that money could go towards fixing the roads, and traffic lights, and hospitals, again.

“They are anti social” another communist told us. “They don’t even look like us for starters. And we have jobs and sit in our cars up to 3 hours everyday to get there and then back home. What right do these people have to just work where ever they like. The roads are a public place and we have rights”.

Another politician who prefers not to be named also weighed in ” I am one of the sitting MP’s with name suppression. How can I be sure one of these young men isn’t someone I abused on my way up the Rothschild ladder? It is not safe to have these people approaching my car at traffic lights. Don’t they have Freeview?”

The New Zealand Government has been working on this problem for many years. Up to 50,000 “skilled” immigrants have been ‘imported’ every month over the past 5 to 7 years, pushing house rental prices through the roof and making part time & unskilled work impossible to find. Food prices have also tripled in that time due to all of the ‘free trade’ agreements.  The shadow Government have also imported around 150 tonnes of meth to try and further subdue the poor and yet they still persist in their efforts to try and work and make a dollar for themselves.

A cross party approach is quite obviously needed.

An all out ban on any and all free market activity, coupled with heavier policing of street corners has been suggested as one possible strategy.

Media Whores also tried to contact rising Bolshevik prince/ss Chloe Swarbrick for comment but believes she may have been busy at another holocaust fundraiser to raise more money for the dead. Allegedly. Which was a shame as she is often given some really bright ideas to repeat.


Media Whores understands that Gareth Morgan of the “Opportunities” Party has spotted an ‘opportunity’ for the neutering of “ferals” as well as the microchipping of anything that breeds. Others have responded with Biblical end times warnings and pointing out that Morgan could be the anti christ cleverly disguised as some kind of new age multi millionaire homosexual bikie adventurer.

“What we need is more taxes – maybe an ‘intersection tax’ so we can place police officers at every street corner to stop this madness” – another liberal told us. “We could even give them some window washer brushes and have them clean our windows. At least they would be in uniform and on our side. We have to stop the brown folk becoming ‘industrious'” he explained.

Greens Co-conspirator, Metiria Turei, has suggested that these people should be at WINZ asking for more money instead of wasting time out trying to work. There are many creative ways in which the poor and homeless can skim more money out of WINZ and there is no need for them to be trying to earn their own money, or even to pay it back.

Paula Bennett was asked how much these voters could earn at the local park instead, while ripping off WINZ at the same time, but no word as yet.

We also attempted to contact Michelle Boag who spends a lot of time stuck in traffic in her late model Mercedes and is presumably also very upset, but no one in ‘the system’ has responded to us. Ever, to be fair.

Michelle Boag - straight out of hell

Michelle Boag – could the window washers be pinging meth? 

Another possible solution suggested was to ask the Australian based Israeli company that owns the traffic lights software to simply make the lights turn green more often but this could not only undermine the agenda to train everyone in the cities to be slaves, but also be seen as slightly antisemitic.

Some economists have suggested that by simply removing all income taxes there would be no poverty problem to begin with. This has also been labeled an antisemitic “conspiracy theory”.

Media Whores promises readers we will stay on top of this issue as another foreign bank Elitecon closes in, all around us all.


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