Media Whores Sunday Feature Roast – Willie Jackson & the DNA Test Hoax


Featured Image – Media Whores advises all readers, in fact the public in general, to always be very careful around any fully grown man who looks like he may employ a professional make up artists for his eyebrows. 


All modern day science is a lie. This becomes quite obvious once you learn the old science.

The old science is called astrology and it hasn’t changed. It is as old, consistent and accurate as that Star you see each morning in the East. It is also the only thing that is stamped into your’ DNA’ at birth. That and the male/ female code from your parents. It is even stamped into your wrist watch so you can keep track of the horus each day.

The degree to which people ‘believe’ in any modern day science is a direct measure of their degree of dementia. Or ‘possession’ by demons – the same word – demented. This dementia is usually the result of their diet and secondly a result of peer pressure – or listening to and believing what some other demented beings have told you. These days dementia is spread en masse via Tell-a-lie-vision ‘programming’. And radio…..


Introducing Willie Jackson – career racist turned communist Bolshevik agitator. Willie was recently told he is Jewish due to a DNA test set up by his Jewish employers at Media Works.

Media Whores has tried to contact Willie Jackson in regards to two matching office towers we have for sale in down town New York City.

Willie refers to himself as a social worker. And after 2-3 decades in the industry, there has never been more work. His own hometown now has a problem with underage street prostitution and Willie is no doubt in on the case.

If someone with a large enough bag of money told Willie he was a rattle snake, he would likely create a new World Record for hitting the ground, curling up into a little ball and then hissing like a lizard.

There is a very special place in hell for those who get rich off ‘social work’. The place just under that is for those who have already gotten rich but then keep going anyway.

Possibly the biggest problem with the NZ media really, is that they have the collective IQ of a bowling ball. And even fewer ethics.

The DNA Testing Hoax….




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