Elim Christian College Principal – Murray Burton – & the Justin Davis Child Abuse Leaks


Featured Image – Murray Burton, principal of Elim Christian College Auckland.  Seems to have some sort of strange new age growth on his face. Burton was awarded the NZ Order of Merit after 6 x 16 year old pupils died on a school trip he was responsible for on the Jewish holy day of Pesach  2008. 666 666. He was also a victim after all. Elims own little holocaust it could be said. 


Elim Christian School principal Murray Burton was recently asked to comment on the spate of teen suicides that New Zealand has reportedly been experiencing in this new Bolshevik era of debauchery. He essentially asks for more funding. Suicide is booming after all.

“The school could be better supported to cope with a student suicide and indeed to prevent student suicide by funding increased staffing for counsellors,” said Auckland’s Elim Christian College Principal Murray Burton. – NZ Herald Suicide Movement 10/07/2017

Media Whores found it somewhat concerning that none of these ‘leaders’ quoted seemed to mention child abuse as a possible cause of these premature and tragic deaths – child abuse being the number one cause, if not the only cause of teen suicides.

Thus we invite Murray Burton to read the Justin Davis Files – the biggest leak on organized child abuse in New Zealand’s post colonial history. Justin details how kids are being drugged and abused at schools, new age churches and even doctors and MP offices around the Nation, usually by those in positions of leadership at those same places. The abusers all seem to be chess enthusiasts oddly enough. These  serial pedophiles apparently also film their attacks and trade in the images with their fellow pedophiles. The drugs being used are designed so that the victims do not remember the abuse, but will start to fall apart in the subconscious in the days and weeks after the attack. Parents of these children will be left feeling confused and helpless as to what is going on as they watch their child fall apart in front of them, sometimes even resulting in suicide.


“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images” – escapes conviction 



Luke and Marilyn Brough, founders of the Elim Christian Centre may also be interested in this information so they can keep their ‘flock’ safe from these wolves in sheep clothing. 

The Elim Christian College Board may also be interested


The Herald article urges people to speak out after all – so just doing our bit.

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