Wendy Campbell Linked to Fraudster Garry Hobbs – Whangarei ‘Shooting’


Featured Image – Wendy Campbell and Tony Rogers. The Whangarei shooting narrative has more holes in it than a Weka’s front yard.


Media Whores may have found a proven link between well known fraudster Gary Hobbs, Wendy Campbell,  her alleged husband Tony Rogers and the ‘company’ Seek n Find.

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It wasn’t hard – Gary Hobbs has stamped his name on Wendy Campbell’s Google Plus page…..Perhaps he was looking for a property in Whangarei after being chased out of Te Awamutu by the locals?

Media Whores has detailed the confusion around Wendy Campbell’s company name. The only “Seek n Find” which comes up on a companies office search is called “Seek n Find Ltd” which is linked to fraudster Gary Hobbs in Te Awamutu. The name Seek n Find Ltd did belong to Julie Pepper of Black Salt Whangarei up until a few days before Gary Hobbs took the name, suggesting some degree of communication between Julie Pepper and Gary Hobbs. Wendy Campbell’s name is nowhere to be found in relation to these companies, or any company for that matter.

Also interesting to note that Tony Rodgers apparently doesn’t know the name of his alleged wife’s company either – referring to it below as Seek n Find Property Management Ltd – there is no such company name.

So we can conclude that Wendy Campbell’s company never existed and that her alleged husband was inventing names for the business and posting it online.

Also interesting to see the other reviews for Wendy Campbell’s alleged business were all posted in quick succession around a year ago. (View reviews on Google here)

Local website designer Evan Morgan posted one of the reviews around the same time. One wonders if he actually worked with Wendy Campbell? Or perhaps with Gary Hobbs and Julie Pepper of Black Salt?

One wonders if the Whangarei police are asking these sort of questions or if they are all a little bit busy on their cell phones?

Media Whores hopes to look further into the Elim Christian Centre where the alleged funeral was held also. When we did a Google search for Elim Christians we found stories related to teen suicides, as well as the case of the “6” 16 year old students from Elim Christian College who allegedly died in a canoing accident in 2008. 6 x 16. 666666. That alleged tragedy appears to have been well covered up also with Stuff reporting it could have been ‘easily avoided”. How 6 teenagers can be killed at school, or a school camp and no one is blamed or prosecuted is beyond us. Divine intervention perhaps?

One report of the Elim massacre stated there were “40” people on the trip, while another reported there were 12. 

Confusion reigns around deaths involving the Elim Christian movement it would seem.

We would also note that no one in the Herald featured on teen suicides that quoted Murray Burton – the principal of Elim Christian College – has mentioned child abuse as a possible factor in these teen suicides – child abuse being the number one and usually only cause of teen suicide.

Murray Burton of Elim Christian Camp. Seems to have something growing on his face. 

Perhaps a closer look at the Elim Christian movement is warranted also.


Given these ‘Christian’ leaders are encouraging Kiwis to speak out about youth suicide, we would encourage people read The Justin Davis Child Abuse Files. Here is one tip, if they play chess, be very cautious. The organized serial child abusers are using new age sophisticated drugs these days to drug and abuse children so they do not even remember it happening. They will simply start having mood swings and behavioral problems – possibly even leading to suicide. This is then painted up as “mental health issues” by school principals and church leaders across NZ. A conspiracy theory if you will.









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