Bill English on the Meth – and Pizza Gate


Featured Image – Bill English, half baked. Is that nose bigger than John Key’s?  And why is he so quiet on  the $2 billion p.a plus NZ meth trade that National have created and now manage for us? 


Media Whores had been putting this article together in the head in recent days but was inspired to post it this morning after reading that ‘Blingish’ has been texting female members of his ‘party’ up to 26 times in one day, sometimes as late as 1am. The female National Party staffer had been spied on and ‘recorded’ by some little pervert down South – another National ‘Party’ hack, Todd Barclay, also her boss.

English was no doubt trying to encourage her to stay calm and tow the party line – what’s a little bit of perving by your boss when you have a Country to run after all? How dare she.

It has been estimated that around 100,000 Kiwis are regular users of the drug meth – up to 1 out of every 45 Kiwis or so. Some use as little as a ‘point’ (one 10th of a gram) each week, while some use up to a gram a day (but usually not for long). In statistical terms it could be said that 100,000 Kiwis consume an average of a gram of the drug each week, often sharing it with others. That amounts to 100 kg of meth every week consumed in New Zealand. This is over 400kg every month.

That means the so called “monster meth haul” of 500kg of meth found washed up on Winston Peters’ electorate beach recently, was a little over one month’s supply for the Nation. ie) that much is being shipped in every month or so.


Once every few months the media will publish a story about 3 or 4 Asians caught at the border with a few kg of meth. These people are the ‘freelancers’ and not part of the huge industrial scale meth importation / trafficking business in NZ. They are in effect the competition, so the judges send them to jail for 10-13 years before they become a threat and also to produce good news headlines that make it look like there is a war on the stuff and that a loose collection of Asians are to blame.

The NZ Government’s “war on P” used to be spearheaded by Mike Sabin of “MethCon” fame (Con indeed), before he disappeared suddenly in a cloud of smoke a few years back. Two underage girls from Northland have suggested we are not allowed to discuss that issue any further however. After that little embarrassment, it seems no one is really in charge of the Governments ‘war on meth’. It would fall under the charge of the Minister of Police essentially, a job which has been passed around various MP’s such as Judith Collins, Anne Tolley and now ex WINZ fraudster and alleged local park hooker made good, Paula Bennett. God/s help us.


‘Judice’ Collins – close ties to the Jewish banker controlled Chinese Communist Party – meth imports from China boomed under her watch. Possibly her biggest and only achievement in politics thus far. 

Meth sells for around $600 per gram on the streets. With 1000 grams to every kilo, that means there is up to $240 million worth of meth being sold in New Zealand every month. That is around $2.8 billion per annum, or around 50% more than the value of the wine we produce then sell. Mostly cash and all tax free. The spin offs and associated industries that ‘stem’ from meth sales, such as sales of the glass pipes, WINZ benefits paid to those no longer capable of working, and the never ending supply of work for the police, judges, Serco jails and new Ministry of/for Vulnerable Children, could be estimated at being 10 times that $2.8 billion figure, making the estimated 28 billion dollar per annum meth industry one of the New Zealand Government’s biggest ever ‘successes’ in terms of creating work for itself. In fact, at 28 billion per annum, the meth industry would represent around 50% of what our Government actually does. Keeping us all safe from the meth – that they run. Without the meth business, the NZ Government would be 50% out of work and therefore your taxes 50% less also.  It is fair to say that the meth industry has BOOMED under this Nazional led Bolshevik government.

Actually it is the shadow government or judiciary that runs the meth trade according to NZ researcher Greg Hallett, which would seem to make sense given they are the ones who get the most work out of it.

Sitting behind, or perhaps better put, right in front of that same NZ judiciary is of course Sian Elias – NZ’s chief justice – also ‘Jewish’.


Sian Elias / Alias – NZ’s chief justice and yet to comment on NZ’s booming meth industry which is said to create up to 50% of all work for the NZ judges and Government in general. Hallett has alleged Sian Elias is in fact running the Jewish mafia in New Zealand and is behind assassination attempts on various NZ authors and reporters – those who ‘speak out’. 

Hallett has also alleged that transport magnate Owen Glenn is involved in this massive trafficking operation as well. He details Owen Glenn’s close relationship with the late Peter Williams QC, said to be the real Mr Asia and the man who ‘groomed’ Winston Peters in the ‘legal’ profession. Peters is yet to comment on the massive meth haul found on one of his local beaches as far as we know. Some have speculated he may have been off sailing around the bays in his yacht as the time and so was unavailable.

“The Illegitimates have developed a new synthetic drug, which will be shipped by Owen G. Glenn. The drug is stored in the ‘Owen G. Glenn Building’ – an Architecture School.” – Greg Hallett


Sir Owen Glenn – knighted by the illegitimate British  Crown – the biggest drug traffickers in recorded history. For services to trafficking perhaps?  The other muppet in that photo looks very compromised doesn’t he? 

Media Whores has attempted to contact Owen Glenn for comment but it proved impossible to locate him. We also tried his business partner – failed businessman and well known playboy Eric Watson – to see if he could possibly comment, but again no luck.

Eric Watson-Crook-meth

Eric Watson “crook” and “scammer” – TranspressNZ Blog – Watson’s nose is bigger than both Bill English and Owen Glenn’s, possibly giving him a higher level of hereditary privilege. Watson fled NZ after helping to lose $450 million of Kiwis’ savings – with the help of fellow ‘tribe members’ Richard Long & Mark Hotchin – and then returned some years later to help Owen Glenn run the Warriors, the league team that never wins but is based in the largest meth distribution area of New Zealand – that being South Auckland. One wonders how they make any money? Watson goes to great lengths to try and be photographed with ‘beautiful’ airhead tarts, possibly due to ingrained insecurity issues, but arguably prefers spending his time surrounded by large fit bearded men dressed up in Lycra shorts.

And so it appears no one is really ‘in charge’ of the booming meth industry in New Zealand. Up to 28 billion dollars worth of income and associated work created every year, $3 billion of it in cold cash and even as we enter into another election, not one MP has even mentioned the stuff. Not least our very own Prime Minister – Bill English.

People across the West these days are becoming more and more aware that we seem to have this shadow Government system operating behind the scenes. The question is – how do they keep all of their little puppet MP’s in line?

That brings us not so neatly to the second part of our article heading – Pizza Gate.

The Pizza Gate scandal was labeled a “conspiracy theory” by the New Zealand media and establishment the very same day it broke in the USA and before anyone had even looked into it, not least actually investigated it. In fact, they even invented a new term “fake news” that very same day to help deal with the problem. Those who have studied it however have largely concluded that child sex abuse is how these so called ‘elites’ (some say simply “the Jewish Mafia”) keep most of their political actors and puppets in line.

Pizza Gate in short involved leaked Hillary Clinton emails which seemed to show that the political elites of the US were using coded ‘pizza’ language and terms to discuss and organize their child sex abuse and child sex trafficking operations. Pizza terms have long been used on the dark web by pedophiles for such purposes as it looks innocent enough. It was alleged that The Clinton Foundation was involved in industrial scale child sex trafficking from places such as Haiti – kidnapping children and exporting them around the Globe for these inbred freaks to exploit. Our own PM at the time, John Key, had recently donated millions of tax payer’s money to this same Clinton Foundation and Key then split the Country some weeks later at the height of the scandal.

Below are some images associated with the Pizza Gate Scandal – as well as one image of a well known NZ pizza company who seem to associate themselves with ‘satanism’ also (not necessarily related, but shit, would you eat the stuff?). Under that we take a look at some of the Pizza references from the late John Key as well as the current PM Bill English, as well as a photo of Bill English’s close friend Nick Smith MP who has been fighting child abuse allegations his entire career as far as we can tell.

The questions we have is why would ANY politician – not least a PM – wish or choose to publicly associate themselves with “pizza” so close to the Pizza Gate scandal. And could this relate to how it has been alleged Western politicians are being ‘controlled’ these days? Or possibly why not one of them will even comment on one of the biggest sources of work for govt these days, leading into an election – that being the meth industry?

And could this relate to the Justin Davis Files that allege that ‘elites’ are drugging and abusing children at an industrial level up and down NZ ?

We make no conclusions or allegations here – just doing what real media should be doing – joining dots and asking questions. With a view to better informing voters prior to another Rothschild elite-con.

Media Whores understands ‘Blingish’ has been contacted for comment “on the meth” but has chosen to remain silent thus far.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Dr Paul Quigley calls for legalization of MDMA/ Ecstasy 

Hitler was said to be on meth also – mostly prescribed by his Jewish doctor – before crashing his whole operation over the Russian borders in the middle of Winter – as the Jews escaped to Israel – which Russia now apparently runs. 

Not that we wish to judge – Media Whores thinks all drugs should be decriminalized and take the trade out of the mafia’s hands. Tax it instead. We remain unconvinced however on the invasion of other peoples’ nations …and the child trafficking thing.


Images care of Newshub, Stuff, Herald – fair use/ public interest. 

Brendon O’Connell alleges “all” of our politicians are whack job perverts on meth being bribed and controlled:

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