Media Whores Approaching 1 Million Visits

= 81

Not bad for 11 months, but you can times those numbers by 20 – 30 fold, at least.

We have been over this a few times, but our ‘front end’ view numbers are hacked each day, in fact every few minutes by the Judeo/ Russian spies who run the PHP software the site works on – in fact most of the front end of the internet works on PHP. The internet is really just one big hoax run from Israel and Russia, bit like our politics, industry and media these days.

According to our back end stats we actually get up to 1000 visitors every 30-45 minutes – which would be more like 20-30,000 visitors every day – not the one thousand plus shown above.

You can times any article views by 20 – 30 fold to get a more accurate number. The ones they really don’t like are just frozen in time and could be 50-100 times the views as far as we can tell.

All three statistics systems we can access show different numbers, but the “raw access” visitor numbers are obviously the hardest to hack and adjust – so most likely the most accurate.

We are probably averaging 20,000 plus readers every day and up to 20 million visits thus far / in total – thanks to articles like the Hillary Clinton emails about the ChCh quake and Operation Talpiot which exposes Israel’s “kill switches” on all Western infrastructure. Those articles have 10’s of thousands of views. Even the Paula Bennett one has over 90,000 views now, that one was allowed to run, Bennett must have really upset the gay mafia.

Most of our articles hit 10,000 readers within a week, but are reset downwards each day by the spies – working with the tax payer funded GCSB possibly (although admittedly they would have no control over the PHP hacking and have clearly not had the site taken down). Keeping you all safe from those nasty holocaust deniers, and NASA deniers, and modern day medicine deniers. In fact, you name it, we have denied it and/or exposed it.

This would make us the Nation’s leading blog for sure, if not one of the Nation’s leading news sources.

Somehow we doubt that we will be recognized or honored in any way however – which is an honor in itself really.

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