Breaking – Trump Declares War with Eurasia


Featured Image – North Korea is a giant Hollywood movie set for WWIII., or at least the threat of it. Not to say the ruling psychopaths are not planning to blow lots of stuff up as they collapse the US dollar. 


The scripted march to war, as the last remaining American patriots close in on Trump’s ties to the Judeo/ Russian mafia, election rigging and impeachment.

Some of Hollywood’s finest work – War, and ‘Space’.

You can bet ‘the bankers’ will use it all to collapse the US dollar though. If that happens, it will wipe most paper asset values in New Zealand almost overnight. Bumbling Bernard Hickey will be having multiple drawling statistical orgasms all over John Campbell’s Checkpoint and the AM Show.

The Rothschilds and related / inbred mob will short sell and make a ‘killing’. Again. Bitcoins will eventually be offered up as the solution after a few weeks or months of Rothschild media terrorism. Internet porn enthusiasts from across the Globe will pause to log back in to their Bitcoin accounts.

Kim Dotcom will be further hailed as a revolutionary genius and his distant cousin Martyn Bradbury will dutifully paint it all up as some kind of universal victory for technological freedoms.

Duncan Garner will be given a new trendy Jimmy Savile coat to wear and be charged with covering up the inevitable child abuse scandals that leak in times of political flux.

ZB’s Hosking and Smalley will have their ‘meds’ doubled to create the illusion of a heightened sense of awareness.

Shit, they will probably even bring in Luke Dallow with an outrageous holocaust survivor story and Sayanim tribe members from around the Nation will call in all day long and agree with him.

The police chief will be bought on to do an urgent piece on our escalating problem with illegal firearms and the situation will somehow be scientifically linked to the need for everyone to get their vaccines done urgently.

Jack ‘Tame’ will continue to play with himself under the news desk as he makes small talk with his captive co-host.

Kathryn Ryan and Gayon Espionage will yelp away all morning like the background soundtrack to an amateur Polish gang bang film.

Bill English will put extra gel in his hair then announce some sort of urgent new war taxes before skiving off down the back alleys of Nelson somewhere with his close friend Nick Smith.

Peters will send an angry tweet from his yacht as he makes another drop off.

Jacinda will smile and be quoted, then rise mysteriously in the polls.

The Material Girl and her Coca Cola executive partner in crime will blame the climate and humanity in general while also calling for more blanket inescapable taxes on the old and working poor.

Then the entire media and government apparatus will retweet each other late into the night – on overtime pay.

Israel, their new Islamic State and Russia will rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix before collectively praising some variant of Abraham for leading them all safely through the Red Sea – again – before getting on with the business of hacking everyone else’s Bitcoins around the Globe.

Trump and his Husband will be offered amnesty in the new promised land under a smoky cloud of subtle references to ‘antisemitic Americans’.

The circus is in town and its show time folks. The culmination of th past 16 years of War on Terror cover ups, hoaxes, lies and collusions.

On the positive side however, there will be much more time in the garden – for anyone who still wants to eat  🙂

Possibly a good time to invest in shovels. Or at least one of them. Remember not to buy the cheap Chinese Free Trade Deal ones, or you will risk being shot at as you roam around the suburbs looking for your meals.

“When all else fails – they take you to war” – Gerald Celente. 


[Legal – Parody. Jack Tame has never actually been caught playing with himself under the news desk – as yet, but we are 95% certain his co hosts are all being held against their will].  


USA realises it has lost Syria and all of the Middle East

We repeat a lot of these videos, in case people have found the article via Google search and haven’t seen them. Check out Brendon O’Connell on Youtube for latest on Russia, Trump and Israel.



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