Charlottesville Hoax – “Neo Nazi” Leader is Actually Jewish


The so called “neo Nazi” leader of the Charlottesville rally is of course Jewish. Kessler is even a Jewish name.

Don’t hold your breath for the mainstream whores to tell you this.

Whenever a little explosion of mainstream media terror goes off – just wait a few hours, then type in the name of the ‘event’ followed by the word “Hoax” and away you go – the power of the internet and real citizen journalism v’s fake corporate news and their never ending hoaxes.

We do not have time to go over these videos below but the starting point should always be:  if the media are actually reporting on it, it will be a hoax. Or at least deliberately provoked to get the desired headlines and reaction.

The treasonous old freak Leighton Smith went on about “white supremacists” and “Nazis” all day long for his handler (his 3rd wife). They must have more photos of him with children than….well, than Mike Hosking – who is probably a close second, followed by Nick Smith. John Key abdicated the top spot some months back.

Leighton Smith

Jason Kessler – I am Jewish – Facebook post

There is no way a so called “white supremacist” would be telling people he is Jewish on public media….

fake jews organized both sides of charlottesville massacre….blm by soros and wlm by jason kessler
Posted by: Yeshua saves, nwo enslaves ()
Date: August 13, 2017 08:17PM

why do so many racists fools fall for fake jewish bankster tricks ?

blm funded by billionaire nazi who happens to be jewish
wlm march organized by jason kessler who happens to be an atheist jew

fools marched and tools organized the fools

wake up and recognize the atheist/satanist/establishment/bankers enslaving mankind”

“The Unite the Right rally is being organized by Jason Kessler, a Jew who is likely being paid as an informant. ” – source
Most of the statements about Jason Kessler being Jewish are being removed and censored – of course, but still lots around.

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