Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal Colluding to Cover Up the Nick Smith MP Nelson Child Sex Ring Allegations


Featured Image – Nick Smith MP has been involved in child sex abuse allegations most of his career as far we can tell – yet remains ‘protected’ by the ‘Synagogue’ shadow government. 


In a further sign of just how sick and corrupt the NZ “just us” system has become, Media Whores has come across allegations which seem to prove that the NZ Tenancy Tribunal are colluding with housing minister Nick Smith MP to help cover up the child sex ring allegations made against him.

Some of the allegations come from the Justin Davis Files – posted below:

“Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful p#$%^&*&^ls in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?”

– Justin Davis

Nick Smith MP has been involved in and/or fighting child abuse allegations his entire career as far as we can tell. Nick Smith was the only other man convicted in the Government cover up of the Civic Creche child sex ring allegations. An “ex” Nelson MP was also facing child sex abuse allegations a few years back around the same time Nick Smith resigned as an MP (although we can’t say if related) and in another very strange case a lady claimed Nick Smith had spent $100,000 of his own money trying to “help” a Nelson woman win custody of her child – very, very odd indeed.

Where there is smoke there is fire as they say.

We have also previously detailed how the manager of the Facebook page “Awake and Aware NZ” was served legal papers by a Nelson lawyer acting for Nick Smith for posting the meme below.


Now it seems the Tenancy Tribunal have been deployed to try and help cover up the allegations as well with a Hamilton based man claiming he has been “stitched up” by the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal for also publishing the allegations.

The man was renting a central Hamilton apartment at 190 Ulster Street, Hamilton at the time he came across the allegations and posted them on line. 7 months after he left the apartment, he was sent a claim via the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal for 7 months unpaid rent, on behalf of the Chinese landlord named Peter Lin of Plan Investments Ltd, totaling around $8,000.

The man submitted documents and emails to the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal showing that he had given 4 weeks notice and that Mr Lin had agreed in emails that he would go about trying to find another tenant for the property. The 4 weeks rent for the notice period was paid in advance before the man left and he presumed the matter was sorted.

This was a fully furnished apartment in downtown/ central Hamilton which Peter Lin claimed was left empty for a total of 7 months after the man had given notice and left. Peter Lin claimed that it had taken him 7 months to rent the apartment again and that the man now owed him the full amount of rent for that period, given he had signed a 12 month lease.

The man provided the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal with statements from 5 other Hamilton real estate agents who also rent central apartments in that area and they all stated that such apartments do not stay empty for longer than 3-5 days, sometimes up to 3 weeks at the extreme end. This was apparently in 2015 at the very height of the housing crisis in Hamilton and Auckland.

The man  also provided copies of Peter Lins Trade Me advertisements showing that Peter Lin had never actually advertised the flat for rent in that 7 month period at all, despite assuring the previous tenant in writing that he would go about finding another tenant. The man produced the emails in which he asked if Peter Lin wanted him to find a replacement tenant or if Peter Lin would do so himself – Mr Lin states clearly that he would go about finding a new tenant – but clearly never did.

The idea that a fully furnished central Hamilton apartment would stay empty for a 7 month period in the middle of New Zealand’s worst ever housing crisis is quite clearly ridiculous and the man claims it is most likely that Mr Peter Lin was renting it out to friends in that time and seems to have colluded with the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal in their bid to help cover up the Nick Smith child sex ring allegations.

Media Whores has previous detailed numerous allegations that corrupt Chinese Communist Party sell outs are working with and being protected by the NZ shadow government these days – we all see the corrupt citizenship decisions going on where even well known Chinese mafia men are being sold citizenship and then protected by NZ’s corrupt/ Bolshevik judges and courts. We cannot confirm if Peter Lin of Plan Investments Ltd is a corrupt Chinese Communist Party member here on the run from his own Government, or if he is part of the Chinese meth dealing gangs now based in New Zealand and also being protected, or if he is even part of the same child sex ring as Nick Smith is alleged to be in – but how can one rule it out given the above situation?

The man claims that all of the evidence he provided was “ignored” by the Hamilton adjudicator Michael Andrew  Ward and a ruling made in Peter Lin’s favour of $8,000 in overdue rents.

The man then appealed the ruling and a second adjudicator by the name of Wendy Rae Lang also appeared to ignore all of his evidence and ruled in Peter Lin’s favour.

These adjudicators are very careful not to provide their full names in case they are ever exposed, it would seem.

The man then requested transcripts of the appeal hearing so that he could appeal the Tenancy Court’s corrupt decision to the District Court – as afforded by NZ law – but the Hamilton Tenancy Court Deputy Registrar( Lovey Te Paea) refused to supply those transcripts, making it clear that they were indeed deliberately colluding to deny justice, arguably to cover up the housing minister’s alleged serial child sex abuse.

Total corruption by the M Ward, W Lang and the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal it would seem, and a further sign of just how corrupt the NZ justice system has become. They appear to be working hand in hand to help cover up the evidence of child sex rings operating at the very highest levels of NZ society.

A reasonable man might well conclude that M Ward and W Lang are also a part of the same alleged child sex ring as Nick Smith MP and therefore a danger to the Hamilton community they are paid to protect.

Such situations are unfortunately becoming the norm in New Zealand these days. The message is clear – do not try to expose the ‘elite’ pedophile rings in New Zealand or we will come after you with the full force of the ‘law’.

Nick Smith MP is a long time and close friend of Bill English also which should ring alarm bells. John Key’s kiddie fiddling is well known, not to mention allegations he has sexually abused his own daughter. Mike Bayley of Balyey’s real estate was also made aware of the Nick Smith pedophile allegations but has remained silent.

Welcome to the new Soviet/ Bolshevik reality here in New Zealand.

Kiwis and their children are clearly not safe with a justice system that actively covers up child sex abuse allegations against those in positions of power and authority.


Mike Bayley – said to be one of the people making the most money out of NZ’s new communist/Soviet housing market so apparently cares not that the housing minister Nick Smith is an alleged serial child sex offender. We have seen no evidence that Mike Bayley is directly involved in these types of activities but the full extent of the problem is clearly being hidden. 

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