The Morrinsville Police Shooting Hoax


Featured Image – presumably police shot at this car window because the man was inside, but then he escaped, then ran a km down the road, then made dinner and fed the kids, with the armed offenders squad sitting outside yelling at him and chucking smoke grenades in the lounge, before packing his things and heading off on a tour of New Zealand….

Yawn. Its actually a bore even reporting on it. 


Welcome to the twilight zone Kiwis. The powers that be / Secret Synagogue are clearly smoking too many of their own drugs. Which is a good thing really as they are just becoming ridiculous and thus exposed for what they are – tax payer funded domestic terrorists.

Media Whores has well covered the “Kosher” Whangarei shooting hoax a few weeks back. Total BS and 100% staged. We also explained that the shadow government/ synagogue will most likely pop these things off in rapid succession to get the result they seek – tighter gun controls.


So lets take a closer look at this latest hoax/ state funded domestic terror.

Firstly – you only shoot at the windows if someone is in there, or driving. And nobody “escapes” that.

Secondly – the NZ police know full well where every meth dealing house in the Country is, using cell phone listening software, local cell tower records and text message keyword software. They run a giant database of every meth smoker in the Country and track the stuff from Winston Peter’s beaches right through the distribution network down to street level. Reliable distributors are prized assets, as well as the biggest narks, so they do not bust them. Unless one of the local lawyers or judges has got an eye on one of their kids.

Top Waikato cop Bruce Bird’s daughter was arrested a couple weeks back on a “domestic incident”. Perhaps he was dragging his feet a bit on helping to stage some terrorism in his own precinct? So presumably they rounded up his daughter and put her before the judges. The judges run this shit after all.

A week or so later, Bruce Bird is leaping out of the way of sub machine guns down the road in Morrinsville.

Alleged gunman Rollie James Heke apparently shot through the police car window with his automatic machine gun, but luckily he only shot at the windows of the car for dramatic effect, as the cop/s were able to then escape and “dive” behind the car. Dear oh dear.



Luckily the police were than able to regain their composure, grab their machine guns and shoot back at the windows of  Rollie James Heke’s police issue Holden, again at the windows, because Heke was apparently still sitting in the front seat firing off his machine gun.

Heke was able to dodge all of the bullets coming through his front window, then get out of his, with his machine gun, run off down the road for a km or so, cook a feed for the kids, feed the dog, before packing his things then posing as a back packer as he walked past the armed police outside his door and head off on a Kiwi Experience tour of the Nation. With a bag full of money no doubt.


Image – the cops and Heke sat in their front seats firing machine guns at each other. Give us a break. 

Then the armed police all went home for dinner and left “one armed guard” outside the property for the night, according to the radio reporter at the scene.

Heke’s mother then did a “tear filled”  interview with no actual tears where she read off a script placed down to her right side and explained that she had watched some movies about P, opps, she meant documentaries about P.


Stuff – Rollie James Heke’s mother reading a script for the camera – looks a bit Navajo Indian really, while her son looks a bit Chinese. Cool Maori names though, you couldn’t make them up. Probably both Jewish is our first guess, same as the bad actors in the Whangarie hoax. And Heke was “36” of course….666. 

Hoax hoax hoax folks. XXX. 666.

Heke’s police issue Holden’s details were only added to the website Car Jam after the incident/ this week, and apparently still has a rego and warrant despite the last ones being done over 2 years ago.

Oh yeah, and pervert comedian Guy Williams was even photographed dressed up as a cop at the scene. Must have been another Newshub operation. Media Works being owned by Jewish billionaire Howard Marks of Oaktree Investments. Newshub is ISIS in New Zealand.


Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666
Media Works Logo – XXX/ 666


Told you they would pop a few of them off – creating fear leading up the the elite-con and a boost in voting by all of the morons who still follow the mainstream media and think the Government works for us.

Zionist terrorists running our Nation.

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