The Etymology of Atomology – Santos Bonacci


The World is made up of Words. And electricity. eL. This is where the word World comes from.

Electricity divides into red and blue light, which manifests as Atoms on this carbon Plane-T. Most of which is carbon 12, with 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. 666. The material world of division. Hot and Cold, Labour and National, day and night, boy and girl etc….

Beyond the red/ blue material illusion is Magnetism. Or what is commonly referred to as “God”.

Much like our current slave system of demon-crazy, in which highly paid retards and sexual perverts argue over red and blue, but will never peak behind the curtain at the deviant bankers who run the whole puppet show via the money supply, the snake on the tree $$.

This is the most advanced science, in fact only real science, known to man. Thus it is duly ignored.

Here is the Is Real/ Israel of the Bible……everything else they feed us is fairytales for the chemically and emotionally impaired….



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