The New Zealand Election Hoax


Featured Image – non threatening Orange Man wants your consent to rape your children.


The New Zealand election / elite-con will be another hoax.

We have not had a real election since 1974 when Norman Kirk was assassinated.

Almost every PM since then has been ‘Jewish’ (they are not really Jewish, in the true sense of the word) , a well spoken Goy idiot, or a serial child abuser being bribed by the Synagogue shadow government.

They make up poll numbers, manipulate all media reports and ‘scandals’, then hand pick the winners on election day before announcing it in the corporate media, and adding a million or so votes to the final numbers to make it look legit.

The NZ parliament could be best described as the Nation’s biggest child sex abuse ring – with as many as 5 sitting MP’s with name suppression for child sex abuse crimes, and many more who have simply not yet been busted. Many others are drug traffickers and most of them drug addicts. And almost all of them are related to each other.

The NZ Government continues to refuse to investigate its massive historic child sex abuse record, presumably because they are still all doing it. There has even been allegations by Child Youth and Family security officers that the Government runs “safe houses” for judges and politicians to go and rape kids. The only response has been to change the name of CYF.

They are probably best described as the drop out cousins and distant cousins of New Zealand’s pedophile corporate elite, pushed into political roles because they are otherwise useless but can be trusted (ie, bribed and controlled) into doing what is good for the corporations, as opposed to the public.

The system is still posing as “free market capitalism” but with 60-70% net taxes on the public, is now quite clearly full scale communism, and the communist hammer will come down with the next planned Labour Party win. Taxes on water being one obvious example. We are about to be completely destroyed.

Lets take a quick look at the candidates:

Nick Smith MP – has been fighting child abuse allegations almost his entire career, alleged to be running a child sex ring from his Nelson electorate office with National Party Chairman in Nelson, Dan Dolejs.

Bill English PM – long time good mates with Nick Smith- do the math.

Paula Bennett MP – know welfare fraudster and allegedly started her career as a local park hooker. 

Pedor Dunne – say no more. Now pushed out by Greg O’Connor who has all of his secrets.

Greg O’Connor – alleged heroin trafficker 

Annette King – alleged heroin trafficker

Jacinda Ardern – almost certainly inbred and being groomed as Helen Clark 2.0 (another gay alleged murderer, heroin trafficker, married to an alleged pedophile). If not the actual illegitimate child of Helen Clark or her ovaries. 

Metiria Turei – known welfare fraudster and voting fraudster,  most likely involved in all the of the usual stuff. Most likely inbred. 

James Shaw – ex Coke Cola executive turned ‘Green’. Most likely inbred and involved in all of the usual.

Winston Peters – alleged heroin trafficker, now has large bags of meth washing up on his beaches. Probably inbred. 

Christine Rankin – allegedly started her career off as a BDSM mistress for ex PM Geoffrey Palmer, the fast track into NZ politics for new age liberated women.

Many other pawns have fallen of course : Todd Barclay – perving on his female staff, Mike Sabin, head of the ‘war on meth’ but disappeared in a puff of smoke with two teenage girls tell us we are no longer allowed to discuss details, John Key tied to the Clinton’s International child sex trafficking rings and alleged to be abusing his own daughter. and numerous others fired or stood down due to theft and/or theft allegations.

Most of these allegations are even published in non fiction books available in bookstores both in NZ and overseas – and yet the media and public soldier on with their election hoax anyway….

It is safe to assume that almost every MP being held up for election is in at least one of the following categories : a) related in some way to the ruling pedophile corporate elites b) a drug trafficker c) a child abuser d) a drug addict e) a top level Mason being bribed for any of the above f) a useful Goy child abuse victim now under MK Ultra mind control.

And most of the mainstream media that cover for them are also child sex offenders and/or drug addicts being bribed and controlled. They are trained to passionately debate left and/or right, but know that if they ever mention the bankers, they will be exposed for what they are – drug addicts and child abusers.

“As I have said, the New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement” – Spymaster 

The politicians are quite clearly the most corrupt, lawless gang of criminals and alleged criminals in the Nation – and you are expected to actually vote for them.

We are under a system of Talmudic Law which encourages the Chosen by God ‘Elites’ to murder Christians and rape their children. With the full protection of the Judiciary.

“Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. And Saul summoned the people, and numbered them in Telaim, two hundred thousand footmen, and ten thousand men of Judah.” Samuel 15:4

The actual outcome of the election, no matter who you vote for, will be the same as all elections for the past 30+ years since the neo liberal Bolsheviks discovered massive oil wells off our shores in the 70’s and commenced their invasion and Bolshevik takeover…….

  • record foreign bank profits
  • record corporate profits
  • record child abuse
  • more taxes and regulations
  • record people on welfare (the result of taxes and regulations)
  • more drug addiction
  • more prisons
  • more solo mums
  • never ending child abuse scandals and child abuse cover ups.
  • continuing record inequality as these inbred ‘elites’ all steal from us and stuff their own pockets.

The pendulum is swung from left to right and then back again, with the media deployed to build hatred and disdain for one group so that the Sheeple all vote for the other group next time, so the previous group can be serial gang raped, before swinging the pendulum back in the opposite direction to gang rape the first group. With never ending record profits for the foreign bankers and their inbred corporate cousins.

All actual polices are handed down from the shadow Synagogue and United Nations, and we get to decide on none of them.

All sides are controlled in the false left / right paradigm in this illusion we are taught to refer to as democracy – and the serial child abusing ‘elite’ foreign bankers are the only consistent winners.

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ – Lenin

Actually voting for one of these child sex offenders and/or puppets is a form of mental illness called Stockholm Syndrome – befriending your captors.




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