Is this New Zealand’s Most Dangerous Holocaust Survivor? Chief ‘Just Us’ Sian Elias


Featured Image – New Zealand’s chief justice Sian Elias (but possibly just an Alias). Said to be the running the mafia in New Zealand ie) all of the gangs, the meth trafficking and even contract killings. Also alleged to be head of Mossad in New Zealand and alleged to be ordering the murders of journalists and other writers in NZ.


You know you have seen through the matrix when you start having nightmares and panic attacks over this ‘woman’.

We feel it is important to stress this point as this lady is said to order the assassination of political activists in New Zealand in our New World Order/ Jewish supremacist / Soviet/ Marxist reality.

Cold blooded and pure evil it could well be said.

These allegations were made many years back, and given the only response was to try and murder the guy that made them (NZ author Greg Hallett – see below), it is probably safe to ditch the ‘allegations’ part of the sentence.

The levels of slavery, crime and inequality will continue to sky rocket with monsters like this posing as our ‘leaders’ – in our opinion.

She needs to be removed, or we are headed towards full blown communism and resulting carnage. We are there already really.

It will be this lot that will hand pick their elite-con winners on Sept 23rd in our opinion – regardless of who people actually vote for.


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