GCSB Blocking Political Opposition Websites – Andrew Hampton TREASON


Featured Image – Director of the NZ Stasi / GCSB – Andrew Hampton. 



Media Whores has noticed reports this morning that the New Zealand Government run (and tax payer funded) GCSB/ Stasi are allegedly blocking political opposition websites leading into the September elite-con.

Namely the website “The Protest Vote” which enables Kiwis who are fed up with the corporate plunder of our Nation, people and resources to lodge an on line protest vote instead of a vote for any of the ridiculous perverts and drug traffickers posing as leaders of the fake corporate run political parties.

This would of course be the crime of treason and a deliberate premeditated attack on our democracy and right to protest.

This would prove New Zealand is now under complete fascism with the corporate controlled NZ Government using tax payer funding to block any serious attempts to hold them to account.

Andrew Hampton, the director of the GCSB now apparently stands accused of the crime of treason, punishable by up to 13 years in jail, with all of his assets seized under the proceeds of crime legislation.

Along with the criminals who give him his marching orders.

We note it could well be foreign agencies that work with the GCSB that were blocking the website in it’s first week or so, but spying on Kiwis and collecting their data based on the 911 and war on terror lies is treason anyway.



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