The Jacinda Ardern Hoax – How the Labour Party Destroyed New Zealand’s Rivers


Featured Image – Labour Party leader/ puppet Jacinda Ardern smiling with alleged heroin trafficker and mob member monster – Annette King


It is said that 90% of the Nation can see through this corporate run ‘democracy’ facade…and the remaining 10% all work in media and Government…and are mostly all related to each other. Hardly a ‘democracy’ – it is certified inbred mob rule.

Media Whores believes the election process itself is a complete hoax also, with foreign bank owned polling companies inventing preferred party statistics, then the same foreign bank owned media simply announcing whatever result has been decided upon on election night.

The foreign bank owned media reported a “record low voter turnout” in the 2014 elite-con, but still reported that number as 74%. Our guess it was more like 20% and they just said it was 74 to try and maintain some respectability.

This year will surely be worse, as the vast majority of Kiwis have woken up to the fact that we are unceremoniously gang raped by this small gang of interbred bastards and their foreign corporate handers, term after term.

There is perhaps no better example of this than having Labour’s new Jacinderella (lipstick on the same old big fat corrupt communist red pig) campaign on the basis that she will provide the Nation with clean rivers again.

It is incomprehensible that Kiwis could have already forgotten that the Fonterra (Fund Terror in Hebrew/ Latin/ Phoenician) eco terrorism operation was in fact signed off on by the Clark Labour Government in 2001, before that same Soviet/ Bolshevik operation signed off on the Chinese Free Trade Agreement which led to the boom in baby formula exports to China.

So it was in fact the very same Labour Government now telling us that they are going to save us all from polluted rivers, that set the process of ruining our rivers in motion. With their inbred partners and distant cousins in crime, the National Party carrying out this mass eco terrorism on their behalf. Now Labour are asking voters to support them so they can fix the very problem they created.

This is madness on a biblical scale – the idea that any Kiwi would be stupid enough to actually think this lipstick on a communist pig is here to save us from the same problem that her heroes and now closest advisors created in the first place.


Image – Bolshevik / Communist Labour Party fraud on a grand scale. First they set policy in motion that destroyed NZ’s rivers, and now they are posing as the solution to the same problem. 


Featured Image KGB/ Tavistock agent Helen Clark with the latest MK Ultra puppet, Jacinda Ardern ‘Ohhh…we are going to rape this Nation to its very death this time my dear – and boy you will be rich by the end of it” 

It also provides NZ with the perfect little pre-election insight into just how sick and corrupt our political system / cistern has now become. The shadow synagogue/ bankers invent this bullshit narrative behind closed doors then package it and sell it to us via the media they also own and control, with a few grand spent on speech writers and high end PR coaches for these rotten to the core ‘leaders’ tasked with fronting it all.

It is conceivable that 10% of the public are actually thick enough to buy into these fake/ invented narratives, then the truly ‘creative’ end of the election arrives and they simply add 40-50% to the final numbers and report it as the ‘official’ choice of the people.

“But she has a nice smile – she must be honest” we can hear that 10% of brainwashed liberals and child abuse victims say. Yes, the smiles are in fact genuine – they are ALL laughing at you. And all related to each other at that.


Putin in New Zealand in the 1980’s as the Soviet/ Bolshevik takeover of NZ began, by bribing alleged child abusers across the party divide, such as Roger Douglas, posing as ‘liberal’ economists. 

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