Duncan Garner & the Ongoing Child Abuse Scandals


Featured Image – non threatening new age liberal media whore – Duncan ‘to’ Garner. Has helped cover up or sweep over more pedophilia scandals than the BBC did for Jimmy Savile some have speculated. Let’s take a closer look and compare the fast track careers of these two professional media whores. 


New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement”. – Spymaster 

A picture can speak a thousand words as they say, so let’s start with an image of Jimmy Savile – the BBC’s fun loving poster boy media whore who was put on a magical fast track to A grade domestic media whore fame and success. Ring any bells?


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Readers will also be familiar with the best selling NZ books (available on Amazon) that have covered how Paul Holmes of NZ media whore fame was allegedly NZ’s biggest ever meth user and deeply involved in the prostitution industry, even marrying his call girl and allegedly getting his own daughter hooked in her teenage years. Holmes drug habits and prostitution were kept well secret even after his death. Public belief in the corporate media whores must be protected at all costs. Unless of course thousands of their victims all come forward and things just become uncontrollable, then they are unceremoniously burnt.

These foreign bank whores are pretty much made men, at least until after their untimely and usually very sickly deaths. All they have to do is prove they are ‘worthy’.

We should make it clear here that we have seen no hard evidence as yet that Duncan Garner is a raging bisexual sex offender, child abuser, prostitute user and meth / coke addict on new age antidepressants, but given the corporate media’s record on their fast track promotion and protection of the worst of the worst in our society – we ask, how can it reasonably be ruled out?

We do know Duncan Garner showed up on the Ashley Madison Adult XXX Sex Dating websites for cashed up perverts.

Garner was also signed up on the meet for quick sex App Tinder 

So all of the usual signs are there.

As this inbred supremacist / Corporate Fourth Reich rapes and plunders NZ dry, they need people they can trust to front their never ending fraud and cover up their never ending child abuse scandals.

And it seems Duncan ‘Jimmy’ Garner is their main man.

Below we look at the numerous pedophilia and child abuse scandals that Duncan ‘the perv’ Garner has helped his foreign bank handlers at Media Works cover up, or at least minimize….and we leave readers with the question, what sort of man do you think Duncan Garner is to carry out this sort of work for the corporate elites?

We suggest you follow your gut on that one – and don’t let him anywhere near your family or children – even via the airwaves – because you can guarantee if he is as bad as the rest of them, the general public will be the last to know, as per usual. Better safe than sorry as they say. Avoiding the entire foreign bank owned and run ‘media werks’ operation is the safest bet in our view. It is riddled with these types.

In our view – these people are pure filth and the lowest of the low. Selling Kiwis out en masse just to satisfy their own perverted greed.


Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson, Amanda Gillies – dressed up in non threatening new age pretty liberal colours – and covering up more ‘elite’ pedophilia than the Roman Catholic Church is these days some might speculate. Ring any bells? 

Jimmy Savile-duncan-garner-media-works-nz-the-am-show

Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666

Image – ‘Jewish’ foreign banker owned Media Works logo is an XXX – which also stands for 666 – media porn for chemically retarded NZ adults and the number one cover up operation for ‘elite’ pedophilia both here in NZ and overseas. And Duncan Garner is their leading man. 

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The Justin Davis Files exposing NZ’s elite child sex rings

The NZ Judiciary covering up the Westminster Child Sex Abuse Scandal 

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