Rollie Hoxie Heke Apprehended – Places Skype Call to Judges


Featured Image – an artists impression of Rollie Hoxie Heke’s recent court appearance in relation to the Morrinsville pre-election police shooting. 


Alleged violent meth dealer, but ruggedly handsome gangster role model for NZ’s homeless youth – Rollie Heke –   has been apprehended by police around 500km from where they thought they may or may not have had another shoot out with him earlier.

Rollie Heke – sometimes also referred to as Rollie Hollie Hoaxie Heke – was taken into custody and placed in a secret cell somewhere before placing a video call through to the judiciary – who actually run the gangs and meth trade in NZ. No media was present.

Heke will now be held in custody until his next Skype call – details will not be provided, but the ‘just us’ system assures media that we will be given regular updates as well as eye witness statements from his cell mates – the same cell mates that testified in the Scott Watson & Tamahere murder cases.

The judges have also returned top Waikato cop Bruce Bird’s daughter to him and promised him a promotion.

Dairy farmers, lawyers, Fonterra staff and other meth addicts across the Waikato have reported no noticeable dent in their drug supplies and that Winston Peter’s ‘campaign’ bus is due in town any day anyway.

There is nothing else to see here.


Media Werks / ISIS in NZ comedian Guy Williams dressed up as a policeman at the Morrinsville ‘shooting’. 



Featured Image – this is not the same man. Take a look at his hairline to start with. Then his nose. Admittedly the NZ Synagogue do not have the same budgets as Holy-wood, or the same population base of crooks and frauds to draw from. 


Rollie Heke – the Holy Hoax roles on


Image – Chief Justice Sian Elias – runs the mafia and staged shootings in NZ, to keep themselves all employed. 

(Parody – but not as ridiculous as the Synagogue Shadow Govt official story)

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