The ‘Elite’ Persian / Ashkenazi Families – Medici, Fernisi, Orsini & Rothschilds


Featured Image – King Carlos I of Spain. Father of Prince William and said to be one of the most powerful men on Earth. Or was at least. 


As one of the leading experts in astrotheology, Santos Bonacci has previously detailed how the 10 horned beast of Revelations is the 10 Royal families of the old world order. Yet he seems to keep missing the bit where the 2 horned beast replaces them. The two horned best is almost surely Israel and ….one other Nation. Possibly Saudi, or even Iran, or perhaps Russia.

He covers how the legal name was invented and enforced by the Vatican and the ‘Persian’ ruling families that own the Vatican, but again misses the fact that the World’s data is being harvested and stored on Israeli supercomputers and we are all headed for a new internet ID, based on our legal names in this new digital world order. The new world order just being the same old world order, with new technology running it.

One wonders if Bonacci has read the ZOG website which shows it is actually Ashkenazi families that control almost every major global corporate these days.

Perhaps Santos has struck some kind of deal finally to pay off his parking tickets and is now being wrapped up in politically correct cotton wool, but none the less, some  interesting information in here. The Persian / Ashkenazi bloodline behind the old royal families of Europe. The ‘Medi’ family own the media and big pharma / medicine industry. Fidel Castro was an inbred who ran all of the Americas. Fidel = Fiddle and Castro / Astro. Rothschild/ Red Shield / Swiss Flag / Red Cross etc. Hidden in plain sight as per usual. ie) John the Key, Duncan to Garner, Gayon Espionage, the Patsy is Ready, Sian is an Elias etc.

Underneath Bonacci’s latest is the Anonymous video he draws from also. Keep in mind that Anonymous hasn’t even figured out who did 911, or that Julian Assange was raised as an orphan in a pedophile cult, and neither will ever mention Israel.




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