Santos Bonacci Debunks Himself – The Jesuit Hoax


Firstly let us state, Media Whores has learned more from Santos Bonacci than anyone else in our life – on line or otherwise.

Secondly, we would maintain that everything he has taught about astrology, religion and the Bible is totally correct. That stuff cannot be debunked. The Bi-Bal is the second book of Babylon and contains the entire record of human existence under the stars – that giant clock in the sky dome –  as well as the sacred/ holy science of human ascension, namely, balancing the 12 cell salts, avoiding the 7 deadly sins and raising ‘the oil’ up the 33 bones of the spine to activate the pineal gland – the allegorical story of the ascension of the so called Christ, or how to ‘save’ yourself, in short.

Braindead / brainwashed Christians have been reading this stuff for 2000 years and still haven’t figured it out, mostly due to their addiction to dead animal carcasses, despite the very same Bible warning them in the very first sections to not kill, not eat blood and that fruits and seeds should be their food. Modern day corporate Christianity is little more than a death cult and it is run by money worshiping pedophiles who serve a false God.

Bonacci has also clearly laid out that all of the Abrahamic religions are the same thing, the same science, and the same half ass means of control for the so called ‘elites’ by which they heard the flock so they can be better taxed and gang raped. Isis/lamb / Islam, Torah Judaism and Christianity – its all the same satanic pedophile cult of social engineering and mind control.

In his most recent work however, some of which we post again below – he makes some glaringly obvious contradictions of his own words, and in a short space of time.

Media Whores is astrologically cursed with very sensitive ears for bullshit, and we feel obliged to point these contradictions out. Santos Bonacci has indeed debunked himself a number of times below.

Firstly, It has to be acknowledged that Bonacci is now hopping around in front of his little black cube computer like a monkey, in a funny hat.


This was of course predicted by those who own Holy-wood in the movie Space Odyssey 2001- that humanity would start to devolve the more they worshiped their new satanic / demonic black cube ‘smart’ phones. One need look no further than the nearest inner City bus stop or trendy cafe for evidence of this. Or drive down a quiet suburban street after 8pm these days and count how many households are sitting there glued to their ‘smart’ TV’s learning about the latest medical breakthroughs, NASA updates from non existent space and which corporate pedophile or scat whore to vote for in the coming elite-con, all chomping down genetically modified soy starch snack foods. 90% of NZ is now seriously and very dangerously retarded from this new age false corporate culture of ‘smart’ technology, new age medi-sins and processed /packaged foods. This is of course all by design to insure an ongoing turnout in their elite-cons and thus the continuation of the foreign bankers’ mob rule demon-crazy system of democracy….as foretold…


Image – Space Oddessy 2001 – the Holy-wood elite Holy-hoax survivors forewarning on man becoming apes as they worship their new iphone apps. 

Santos Bonacci is an Aries, and in true Aries form he has broken the ranks, stormed through the gates of all the religious /re-legion military operation bullshit and exposed all of the true astro logos/ language of the stars that the so called elite pedophiles hide from the traumatized and chemically dumbed down sheeple.

Yet he now seems to be tripping himself up. Let us explain…

Bonacci is on the war path against “the Jesuits”, blaming the entire conspiracy to enslave mankind on them, and yet in the same presentations he also explains that this ‘conspiracy’ to enslave the ‘Goy’ dates back to Babylon, many of thousands of years before the Jesuits came along. How does he miss that very simple point?

Satan is said to have 1000 names, and ‘the Jesuits’ are just one of them. They are clearly not the infamous ‘Satan’ (more commonly referred to as ‘God’ by the war on terror believing Church goers), they are just more cannon fodder of the so called ‘elites’, like so many others groups and movements of history. Just corrupt, greedy or stupid Goy who were awarded riches and various other privileges and protection for spreading and enforcing the lies of our racist supremacist shadow masters, the so called Synagogue of Satan/ 666 club, as they invaded, conquered and took over the entire World using the Vatican corporation and it’s Crown military arm – the Crown being Cronus / Saturn / Satan.

Bonnaci has previously well explained that the Vatican / false prophet/ anti Christ $nake cult is controlled by the so called 666 club or Synagogue of Satan. The Vatican was also created long before the Jesuits came along and has the 666 symbolism written all over everything they do. Even Bonacci explains that they came out of the Persian empire and started placing their obelisks / phallic symbols in Rome before taking over all of Europe (and all of the masonic war memorials you see around – worshiping death and blood sacrifice, and penises). So why is Bonacci now harping on about “the Jesuits” who were formed over 1000 years later?

Bonacci is learning from and quoting Talmudic astrology and astrotheology in most of his works – you will hear him mention the Talmud many times. He has also called out the powerful ‘elite’ pedophile rings that bribe and control our governments and most corporate power structures these days. Yet he conveniently seems to miss the various quotes from the Talmud that encourage sex with Goy children as young as 3 years old, not to mention the quotes that say Jews are racially superior to non Jews, and that that every Jew will have 2000+ slaves by the time of the ‘Messiah’s’ return (the return of the anti-Christ by any serious analysis – if it is not already the mass murderer fronting the entire staged war of terror, Benjamin Netanyahu).

But forget the Talmud and just look at the Old Testament quotes which are based on the Talmud – quotes which make it clear that the God of the Old Testament is in fact an International banker who wants his “chosen people” to be the richest people on the planet and to rule over everyone else…..its not rocket science is it Santos? How come you can’t seem to figure this simple stuff out given your incredible ability at figuring out all the complicated bits? Why is Bonacci at pains to mention and blame the Jesuits with every second breath, when all of this stuff dates back hundreds of years before the Jesuits were even created? Talk about avoiding the elephant in the room….

 “For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you.” – Deuteronomy 15:6 

Bonacci has also apparently missed the bit where the 666 symbolism is on clear display on the Israel flag, with its 6 times 3×60 degree triangles, making up the hex/ hexagon cube, the symbol of Saturn/ Satan.


Presumably Bonacci has had his head so buried in the Jewish Talmud that he also missed the bit where the Jewish owner of the World Trade Center made $4.5 billion out of the 911 ‘Islamic terrorism’ attacks in just 3 months time (down from $7 billion on appeal), and signaling the beginning of the staged war of terror, the means for taking over the entire Middle East for the so called ‘Greater Israel Project’. Dedicated Christian buffoons World wide have yet to ask themselves why ‘ISIS’ has never bothered to attack Israel, not once. It is of course the Israeli Secret intelligence Service.

Another glaringly obvious contradiction in Santos Bonacci’s latest work, which we include again below, is when he explains that Jesus Christ, or the Christ (which is just the age old reference to Krishna, or human consciousness being sparked awake by the new season of the Sun, Aquarius…..and the reason the ‘elites’ are spraying our skies each day) is prophesied to return from the heavens and “separate the sheep from the goats” (Matthew)  sending the logic/ left brain pedos and sickos off to ‘hell’ where they belong and freeing the sheep / Goy slaves from their bondage. Then a few minutes later in the same presentation he states that the sheep are all stupid for not studying astrology and should instead aspire to be goats. Well which is it Santos? Goat or sheep?

Here is a clue – Bonacci has previously exposed how the word “Planet” is in fact the word Plane with a T, or cross, added on the end. Much like the word Grave-ity (a scientific theory for the intellectually dead, invented by another famous Jewish fraud). Yet he has missed the second part of that Hebrew / Phoenician/ Phonetic ‘spell’ which is the word hidden in plain site at the front, which is Pla/ Play. We are on this planet to play, not to sit around all day studying left brain astrology or to dance around in front of Youtube cameras wearing funny hats calling everyone else thick. That is what the goats do – and they have all become insane with science and logic, as explained by ‘Doreen’ the old Jewish woman from Israel whom we posted some time back. She explains that the Jewish Rabbis have all become rather tragically rabid with Talmud study and the power that this exact science can wield. They all end up worshiping pedophilia and smoking crack, not ‘God’.

The Hebrew Phoney Phoenician occultists that came out of Babylon, wrote the Christian Bi-Bal, the Islamic Quran and the Jewish Torah, and indeed all of our alphabets and languages, the so called Go-spells and ABCD’s / abracadabra we all use everyday, they know all of this astrology and the cycles of 2160 year periods of time that humanity goes through, as Santos has all previously pointed out, but they also wrote that these secrets would be revealed to the Goy masses at this time, namely that the famed ‘Christ’ is in fact “in you” (Colossians 1:27), and not some external savior. One has to save themselves, by abstaining from lust, greed, jealously, etc and raising the oil up the 33 bones of the spine, to the promised ‘land’ of Israel which is in your own head, the pineal gland, not some terrorist, racist state in the Middle East.



And it seems Santos Bonacci has been ‘chosen’ to reveal it all to us, on the condition that he steps in a politically correct fashion around that big fat elephant in the room – the real ‘satanic’ group behind this massive conspiracy.

Congrats mate – great work – the job is done – now it is time to take off the monkey hat, step away from Youtube, go for a long walk, enjoy your new found knowledge, get some sleep finally, and perhaps spend a little more time looking at what’s going on in the word now – as explained by your compatriot Brendon O’Connell. If a couple of Starbucks / HEK293 loving, carcass crunching ‘rednecks’ can figure it out, so can you buddy. We have been ‘given’ all the knowledge and now the same ‘elite’ pedophile cult and racist supremacists are all hiding behind the various new age movements, like ‘organic’ food stores that still sell dead animals,  gym, yoga and mediation franchises that teach the same old halve truths, and new age breweries that put heavily fluoridated water in their beers, as the Goy are all spied on under the guise of the staged war of terror, and all of our data stolen and stored on Israeli super computers. And all of the organised pedophilia continuously covered up.

‘The Jesuits’ do not run Israel mate. Its the same old synagogue behind the new digital ‘new world order’ slave system.

Incredible historic work you have done, but enough of ‘the Jesuit’ monkey dance aye? It is the last big hoax.

Bonacci has been in the same place for a few years now, wouldn’t surprise us if the poor bugger is being slowly poisoned or drugged via the water supply and a ‘friendly’ Sayanim neighbour. That is how this greedy sicko cult rolls. They zoom in on you when you wake up and start to make noise. Rest assured he is being fed some great information by the club, laced with “its the Jesuits” lies. Media Whores is very familiar with this strategy.


Santos Bonacci – how to understand (almost) everything (except for who actually owns your sorry Goy ass)

(Fuck – that could be our finest work yet – debunking the world’s leading debunker)






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