The Gareth Morgan Hoax (Bump)


‘”The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.'”- Actually, that was Lenin but very similar suits. 

“If we import twice as much meth and put everyone on the dole, there will be very few complaints and the rich and other fraudsters can have a free reign” –  Marxist Liberal. 


Featured Image – friendly non threatening liberal / Marxist Gareth ‘the Moron’ Morgan  of the new, liberal, “Opportunities Party”  – Morgan is perhaps most often associated with the feral inbreeding problem in NZ . Invests in Pizza, minimum wage/ slave labour, factory farmed animals, land banking and Goldman Sachs – the foreign bank who are destroying the East Coast of New Zealand for oil. Poses as ‘leadership’ when a-holes like this are the very root cause of most of our problems.

Image- the Opportunities Party logo is another 666 Hexagon, much like the Israeli Flag, Media Works XXX/ 666 logo and numerous other corporates.

As New Zealand falls further and further into the pits of Global Corporate Government and minimum wage slavery , run by the Communist UN and Fascist Corporations, Gareth Morgan (as in the infamous fascist banker family name Morgan, who stole free electricity from generations of human beings) – has declared he will pose as ‘opposition’ in the next foreign bank run NZ Elitecon – the 3 yearly con run by the ‘elites’ and their puppets to help convince the Goy tax paying slaves that they have a say in what’s happening in the Nation, before the same foreign banks and their corporate puppets rob, lie and steal everything from them for another term.

The Mormons rose to fame in NZ when they appeared to be handed the E Bay franchise for New Zealand, despite intense competition from various entrepreneurs, the Morons seemed to be ‘Chosen by God’ and secured what would end up ‘gifting’ their family hundreds of millions of dollars. This is a common theme in industry and business across the World, their God works in mysterious  ways.


Image- Sam Morgan of Trademe fame – is it any wonder why the new corporate ‘elites’ are so big on genetic science and advancements?  Despite the drastic rise in social issues such as the Government and police selling meth, rampant child abuse, domestic violence and poverty, this moron has only appeared to use his high public profile for the grand cause of stopping poor taxi drivers smoking in their cars (opinion) – oh what leadership.

Gareth Mormon seemed to have a 6th sense for the resignation of John ‘the King of Pizza’ Key (or was simply told a few weeks earlier that the rat would be fleeing the ship following the Pizza Gate scandal ) and announced he would be fronting more fake ‘opposition’ in the illusion we refer to as our democracy. Or Demon Crazy in Latin. Or Mob Rule in English. Funnily enough, Moron is/ was heavily invested in the Dominos Pizza slave labour and factory farmed meat operation – another politrician who is apparently a big fan of  ‘Pizza’. Also has more land banked in New Zealand than most other politricians combined while posing as a voice of the housing crisis and new homeless. They lie and they deceive.

All the usual warnings signs are there – so Media Whores thought we would publicly ask Gareth Mormon 5 simple questions to help gauge his suitability for the septic swamp and rat hole the media lovingly refer to as Parliament….

5 Questions for Gareth ‘the Moron’ Morgan…

  1. You don’t seriously believe in the Al Gore/ Rothschild Carbon Exchange Trading Bank ‘Man Made Climate Change’ Allegory Bullshit do you? And what makes you so sure your faked/ fraudulent modern day science wins over thousands of years of astrological knowledge on how the sun (and therefore the  weather) goes through 2000 year seasons? And given the scam is taxing man for carbon – which we are all made up of, is it your intention to be a party to genocide?
  2. Do you plan to push the communist United Nations fascist policies of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 and again, is it your intention to be a party to genocide?
  3. You hold yourself out as some kind of ‘economics’ wiz kid – but we have never heard you admit that the entire banking system is privately owned and has been counterfeiting trillions of dollars from the US Federal Reserve, causing rampant inflation and therefore poverty around the Globe – indeed the number one cause of the new poverty in New Zealand. Is it your intention to continue to cover up this massive banking fraud and again be a party to genocide both here in NZ and around the World?
  4. Do you plan to continue the mass deception of the New Zealand public and their continued slavery by hiding the very simple fact that by removing all personal income taxes, our economy would boom like it never has in the past 70+ years, and that any near term shortfall can easily be made up by implementing  a small tax on all foreign bank transactions and profits as well as new laws to insure the ‘Chosen by God’ foreign corporates are taxed fairly for operating here in New Zealand? And do you accept that your ‘universal basic income’ is just a communist fraud designed to give the child abusing government  even more power and control over people’s lives, as well as better access to their children, and that simply removing income taxes would achieve far more by creating incentives to work, while cutting  out the corrupt thieving serial child abusing middle man called the ‘Crown‘? Paraphrased – is more poverty and child abuse your real agenda?
  5. Are you aware of Israel’s involvement in 911 and their open support for ISIS in the Middle East, and will you also cover up these war crimes and send young Kiwi soldiers off to die in illegal wars for the terrorist IS / Israeli State, making you yourself another war criminal and terrorist posing as a Western ‘leader’?

Gareth Morgan is clearly no ‘wiz kid economist’ – so what exactly is he?

We are already witnessing something of our own little Holocaust in NZ as these ‘liberal’ multi millionaires enforce their money printing, inflation, and corporatism upon our once peaceful Nation. Morgan seems intent on making it worse with his plans for full scale Marxist communism.

Perhaps he is planning to double the meth imports into NZ to help subdue his new welfare/ warfare/ communist army once everyone is on the dole? The strategy currently being used by these sick b’tards running our Nation.

It has taken these Marxist subverters since WWII to infiltrate  every branch of the NZ Government and economy, growing their welfare army to the current Soviet Russian levels – Gareth Morgan represents the final nail in the coffin for NZ as the Marxists / communists ‘raise their new flag’.

We await the Moron’s response.


Image – friendly ‘liberal’ non threatening Gareth ‘Give Me the Children’ Morgan pushes his communist Universal Basic Income which will give the biggest child abusing gang in New Zealand (the Government) even more access to Kiwi children – Morgan claims he is an ‘economist’ but is yet to admit that simply by removing income taxes, the NZ economy could boom to South Korean standards, and cut out the child abusing middle man called the Crown. No word as yet from Morgan on calls for an inquiry into the massive historic child abuse of the New Zealand government. If Morgan is indeed an economist, and just wants to help Kiwi children and families, why has he not suggested we simply remove all personal income taxes? The real solution to poverty.



More info on Pizza Gate  Scandal – Legal we in no way wish to imply that Gareth Morgan’s investment/s in cheap pizza and his eagerness to force Kiwi families onto the dole, is in any way related to this scandal or video, or John Key’s involvement in this scandal if any such involvement exists or existed. But we do think all Kiwis should be aware of this scandal before considering a vote for ANY of these ‘liberal’ multi millionaires who hold themselves out as ‘leadership’ and ‘authority.

#TheyLive Trailer (metaphorical/ allegorical)


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