Nelson’s ‘Elite’ Child Abuse Rings Exposed


Featured Image – MP Nick Smith – involved in child abuse allegations and related cases almost his entire career and alleged to be running a child abuse ring from his Nelson electorate office with National Party Chairman Dan Dolejs. 


Nick Smith MP was recently photographed pushing the agenda for the $135 million “Southern Link” in Nelson, even as local papers report on hundreds of Nelson children getting ill living in damp, cold housing. Nick Smith MP has destroyed housing in NZ and is now focused on destroying even more housing as well as the environment with the Southern Link project. Nick Smith is a serial liar and domestic terrorist on an unprecedented scale some would argue. Fact is that a simple $10,000 round about placed at the Tahunanui Rd /SH6 base would solve the Nelson by pass traffic problems overnight. The corrupt masonic Nelson council have set the traffic lights at the intersection in question at a rate that makes traffic back up in one direction almost all day long, simply so they can push their latest corporate theft project on the weary public.

And it is the serial fraudster and professional liar Nick Smith who seems to front it all. Makes you wonder just how he is ‘controlled’. Could it be the same way we now know the Masons control the UK Government? By bribing, promoting and protecting serial child sex offenders?

Nelson is “crawling” with wealthy serial child abusers according to whistle blower Justin Davis. Davis was offered a place to stay in Nelson when he was forced into homelessness for exposing NZ’s ‘elite’ child abuse rings and his response was “that is one of the worst places, the pedos occupy all of the nicest places”.

Davis also made direct allegations against Nick Smith MP. His entire transcript is still available on line.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Interestingly, Nick Smith MP was the only other man convicted in the Christchurch Civic Crache child abuse saga, in which young children all started giving their parents in depth descriptions about strange mens’ genitalia they claimed to had seen at their pre school. The masonic pedophiles leaped on that case immediately, stitching up what was probably an innocent teacher, sending in corrupt masonic policemen to corrupt and destroy the investigation, much as they did by sending in NZ judge Lowell Goddard to destroy the Westminster child abuse investigation. And Nick Smith MP was somehow right there in the thick of that case also.

The uncomfortable fact that people are slowly waking up to is that these Masonic freaks are actually operating highly organised child abuse rings in our communities and have been for a long time. They are run by the wealthy ‘elites’ and have the full protection of the Judiciary and top masonic police officers. To them, it is just a big old game, and the ‘Goy’ children are the food on which these freaks feed. The so called ‘virgin blood’ of mythology dating back thousands of years. Some say they feed off the energy of child abuse, like vampires or demons.

Justin Davis mentions “the Smith Family” a number of times in his report. We can’t say if this is the same family as Nick Smith MP of course, but he has exposed how one Smith family in Hawkes Bay have whole libraries of child sex videos in their home – he even gives the address. The police have ignored it.

Oddly enough, Cyril Smith the UK politician has now been exposed as a serial child sex offender of the highest order.

We also have the case of convicted serial pedophile Phillip Smith who somehow magically obtained a passport while in jail and flew to Brazil for a holiday. Helped along by the synagogue shadow government that runs these pedophile rings both in nz and abroad. Serial kiddie fiddler John Key – also alleged to have abused and pimped out his own daughter – thought that was all very funny, making jokes about it for the International media at the APEC summit. These freaks are insane.

Justin Davis has claimed that these wealthy pedophiles are using sophisticated drugs these days to target kids at new age churches and local schools. This is so they can get away with their crimes.

A group of children in Invercargill were all rushed to hospital in 2008 after suddenly falling ill and “feeling faint” on stage – it can’t be ruled out that this was one of those Masonic child abuse operations gone wrong.

A government coroner has also just completed his report (and/or cover up) of the strange deaths of a young mother and all three of her children in Timaru – agreeing with the Masonic police that all four of them dropped dead in the middle of the night because the mother left the car running in the garage and the door to the house open – a completely ridiculous conclusion and far more likely to be a state run cover up of another Masonic child drugging and abuse operation gone wrong.

The children and parents of these victims will usually not know that they have been drugged and abused. The kid will just come home feeling drowsy and tired, but will usually then start losing sleep and acting up in the weeks that follow. Usually getting into trouble and becoming suddenly and surprisingly sexualized in nature. It is said that this is part of the Talmudic agenda behind this drugging and abusing of the ‘Goy’ children, as it turns kids into victims for the State to manage via the courts and WINZ agency later in life. It creates solo mums and gang members of the future as young men grow up angered and violent, unsure of where that aggression even comes from.

It is said that these inbred Masonic criminals are also the ones running the meth industry into NZ – and they use the gangs to distribute it. Same as they did in Nazi Germany, before they fully destroyed that Nation, resulting in the creation of the Israeli State – where many allege a lot of the meth we see is now being manufactured (refer Brendon O’Connell’s work).

If the gang members who distribute the meth for these inbred Masonic crooks actually woke to the fact that the people supplying them are probably the same people that raped them in their sleep as kids, and are probably still raping their children now, all hell would break lose. We live in hope. These gang members need to get their priorities straight – go for the throat lads, as they say.

These inbred ‘elite’ types are said to often be large benefactors of the new age churches and schools around Nelson – giving them easy access to local children. They hide away in the wealthy hill top and old money areas some say, behind a myriad of corporate investments and family trusts, trafficking the meth into Nelson and drugging and systematically abusing local children. Their demonic children are often said to be even worse, usually using the drug GHB to drug and rape their victims, usually even their own girlfriends in gang rape events – their demonic parents there to bail them out whenever needed, if not part of the ‘fun’.

NZ author Greg Hallett long ago alleged that the NZ judiciary runs this mafia and the meth trafficking, while specializing in giving name suppression to any of the Masonic child sex offenders who are actually caught. One wonders just how involved local Nelson judge Tony Zohrab might be as we see him giving name suppression to local police sex offenders and often bailing meth dealers that come before his Nelson District Court. If Greg Hallett is to be believed, then Judge Tony Zohrab will be all too familiar with the situation in Nelson.


Image – local Nelson Judge Tony Zohrab dressed in his black ”synagogue of satan’ gown – just how much does he know about Nick Smith MP and the Nelson meth industry? 

Interestingly a Nelson MP was given name suppression in the Nelson District Court for allegedly abusing a girl between the ages of 12 and 16 some years back. Is it possible the corrupt Masonic media slipped that word “ex” before MP just to protect the guilty?

“The national figure who has appeared in court accused of indecently assaulting a 13-year-old girl can be revealed as a former MP.

The man, who has interim  to protect the girl’s identity, was remanded on bail without plea during a brief appearance in Nelson District Court on Thursday.

He is charged with indecently assaulting a girl aged between 12 and 16.

His bail conditions include living at an address away from his home town, avoiding contact with his partner and the alleged victim, and not possessing or obtaining firearms.”

And how about the story where Nick Smith MP paid $100,000 out of his own pocket to help a local Nelson lady with a custody battle over her child? Very odd indeed. Maybe $1000 sure, but $100,000?!

We have also previously reported that the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal also appears to be helping cover up the Nick Smith child abuse ring allegations.

Is it possible that Justin Davis is correct and there is a small group of Masonic serial child sex offenders operating in the Nelson region with the ongoing protection of the local courts, judges and top cops?

While we can’t say for certain that Justin Davis is correct about Nick Smith MP and these serial child abusers, it should be clear from the John Key allegations and the avalanche of allegations we see in the political systems overseas that there is cause for concern, and we detail these facts and allegations here in the interests of public safety, and freedom of speech.

The big question is, just how do they convince Nick Smith MP to get up and lie and deceive the public on a such a regular basis and grand scale in this 1984 styled Soviet/ Marxist / Bolshevik reality we find ourselves in, where the very same government we fund seem set on destroying our very way of life and standards of living.


Image – Mike Bayley, one of the so called ‘elites’ who has made a lot of money out of Nick Smith’s housing ‘policy’. He is aware of the allegations against Nick Smith MP but has chosen to remain silent. In fact he even tried to have us closed down when we first published the allegations. Only those who know Mike Bayley will know if he is a Mason or part of the ‘elite’ inbred blood line. Or worse. The left eye is the lying eye some say. 

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