The Israel Hoax & the Madness of the Zionist Christians


Zionist Christians are certifiably nuts

They all believe that skyscrapers with 4 foot square steel beams collapse in their footprints when on fire. They believe sodium fluoride is good for their teeth. That the politicians are there to represent them. They even believe that chemotherapy is a good idea if you get ‘cancer’.

They are in fact so insane, one wonders if perhaps they are simply all being set up..herded together for a cull.

Not that Media Whores supports the culling of any group – and thus why we rant and rave so much. It would be nice if all of the killing stopped.

Note the procession of professional liars in the first half of this video below. Bound together by their love of money, and probably drugs. Zionist Christians love their medications and big pharma drugs also – believing in all of the crap that is served up to them from Tel Aviv via their big boy television sets. They are a highly dangerous cult, evidenced in the state New Zealand finds itself in these days – record inequality, meth addiction, homelessness and child abuse. The more we all prey for ‘Israel’, the worse things get.

Beneath the video we explain the true meaning of the Biblical “Israel” – it is the lights in the skies above us, mirrored in the human brain. Man is ‘made in the image’. The Nation state called Israel is essentially just a giant hoax, on a Biblical scale, to deceive the airhead materialists.

This also sums up the entire NZ parliament – all of whom seem sworn to silence on Israel. With the notable exceptions of Murray McCully and Marama Davidson, both of whom seem to now be banned from any and all public communications. It is Media Whores estimation that up to 90% of NZ MP’s are in fact heroin addicts, the means by which they are controlled. They other 10% being child abusers with name suppression.

And no – we are not pushing an Islamic agenda here, nor have we at any time. Isis-lamb = the same lamb of God. Its all the same Ab-Rahamic ab-erration /ab-ortion of Ra, the Sun of God in the sky who saves you everyday simply by ‘rising’, then walking over the water…and turning rain into wine.

adrift-in-golden-bay  wine-grapes-sun

The stuff below copied from

Israel is named after Kemetic Gods.

Is ra hell/Ashke-Nazi/Khazars – Being Jew-ish is a reLIEgion,not a race!


We live in a world that is not real…its illusion “divide and conquer”/separitism- the world is run by the *VAT* ican,the Queen,Is-ra-hell and bankers they finance it all..they even funded WWII ..all the Royals are German,I have seen Prince Philip goosestepping and they all have the same bloodline.

666 IS MONEY,Reptiles = our reptilian brain.

Star of David is the Mer kab ah.

Who wrote the buybull?

Plagarised from Kemet (Ancient Egypt) the pyramid walls and the teachings of Ptah Hotep,a book I have first written in papyrus,first exposed by Gerald Massey.

Check this – Muslims faithday – Moonday/Monday (lunar)

Christians – faith day SUNday (solar)

Jews – Saturn day /Saturday (a planet)

devil is lived back/words

evil is live back/wards/words//

Israel is named after Egyptian gods ISIS RA ELOHIM

The pope has pinecones all over the V.A.Tican this represents the pineal gland,that enlightens mankind,fluoride is used to suppress “waking up” as is aspartame and margarine,also distraction i.e. TV,fame,money.

Judges wear black/white for balance,(Egyptians made wigs from sheep wool to match their woolly hair-note that Judges do this now also?) as do priests/black/white clothing,again taken from Ma,at.

Ancient Egypt and the *VAT*ican found out if you remove the 50/50 female/male balance,in other words,patriarchy<<–,the world is in chaos “they must make order out of chaos”.

You remove the divine femine and its pure hell time with no balance.

Matriarchy will save humanity.

All reLIEgions are based on Astronomy.

Jesus is the Sun and the Winter Solstice is “him”

Jesus means the illuminated one/teacher /same for Buddha.

Did you know why Gaddafi HAD to die?

A must see..the main stream media hype on the tell lie vision was just Poli – Tricks.

V for Victory – Keep up the good work…!!


UNTIL BALANCE IS RESTORED BY WAY OF MA,AT OR TAOISM,THE SUFFERING WILL CONTINUE.50/50 male/female energy needs to be back in balance/not Patriarchy!

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