Media Whores and the Holocaust Survivors – Debut Album Out Soon…


Featured Image – an artists impression of Holocaustianity. The false religion of the new age,most often pushed by the same inbred Germanic Nazi families who staged wwii so they could set up the Israeli State on stolen land. Holcaustianity teaches it’s largely Christian ‘beliebers’ and followers that if they just keep preying, and eating factory farmed animals, one day Jupiter / Zeus will drop out of the sky and take them all away to heaven. In the meantime, they should just keep voting for members of the demonic inbred bloodline , pay their taxes, and put up with the highest suicide rates, child abuse rates and meth addiction rates in the so called ‘developed’ world. 


Following on from Media Whores success in the on line publishing ‘business’, with up to 1000 views every 35 minutes (although admittedly we are still a little short on sponsors), we are pleased to announce our decision to enter the music business, with our debut album due out any day. “Holy Fark” – by Media Whores and the Holocaust Survivors will be in stores soon…..along with the hit singles “Keeping the dream alive” and “We keep doing it over and over”.

Seriously though, we want to try and clarify this issue about jews, fake jews, ruling families, and their Persian and Germanic backgrounds.

  • many innocent people died in wwii. Around 45 million by most estimates. Some of them were no doubt Jewish, but 90+ % of them were white Christians.
  • Hitler was most likely a Rothschild illegitimate child, many allege funded by various Vatican agencies and agents,  who may or may not have started off with the intention of rescuing Germany from the grips of a Bolshevik invasion, similar to what happened to Russia a few decades earlier, and the resulting communist regime that followed, but all he really achieved was the destruction of Germany, and most of Europe, with 45 million dead, and the creation of the Israeli State – the biggest terrorist outfit on the planet today – and the most racist. The war was ended when a severely ill and drug addicted Hitler (mostly thanks to his Jewish doctor – Theodor Morrell) was deceived into invading Russia in the middle of winter, where his whole operation finally crashed and burned. It was then the Jewish run Soviets that ‘liberated’ the so called Nazi death camps and begun the cover up operation. Many were dead from disease, malnutrition and the cold – and these are the famous photos you have seen of piles of dead bodies. They were not gassed and burned bodies – obviously.
  • the research we have seen seems to make it clear that most Jews were shipped off safely to Palestine, with their gold and wealth following closely behind them, not to mention billions more in ‘reparations’ from the German State and even the US government in the years and decades that followed, still to this day, due to the guilt sold to us by the never ending stream of Holy-wood films and the Jewish owned History Channels.
  • it is our opinion, based on the independent/ non Jewish owned media and ‘official’ research, that most if not all of the people you hear being referred to as ‘holocaust survivors’ are most likely in fact the very people behind the entire operation – namely the mass murder of 40+ million white Christians, the destruction of Germany and the creation of the so called “Jewish” State. Some experts would probably argue, that you can hear many of these people interviewed on Radio NZ most weeks, usually with whole panels of them  all discussing the problems they have created, and what kind of car they drive. They are generally speaking, incredibly wealthy people, multi millionaires and we think often the very same people and ‘club’ that most of our articles attempt to expose. The real victims or wwi, or any concentration camps, are all dead, not swanking around in NZ driving brand new Range Rovers and Audis. Or their children at least, you can’t have children when you are dead after all, something they all seem to conveniently overlook.
  • These are the so called “fake Jews” of the Synagogue of Satan”. As we have pointed out many times, the real “jews” of the Bible are in fact each and every one of us. The 12 Tribes of Israel, Aries through Pisces. All stuck down here in the red/ dead sea, waiting for someone like Moses to come along and separate the goats from the sheep.
  • In terms of the Jewish religion – the only real Jews are those who speak out about the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, the 911 hoax / lie and the fake war of terror – more mass murder that we are living through in our day, and all run by the same Germanic / fake Jew inbred bloodline perhaps best labeled the ‘Synagogue of Satan’. Blood thirsty and addicted serial killers, liars and deceivers, by very birth.

Hope that clears any confusion up. Real/ good Jews are the ones exposing the corruption and trying to share the knowledge, and their doesn’t seem to be many of them. They get shut down pretty fast if they speak up.

If in any doubt, just ask them if they still believe that “6 million” Jews were murdered in wwii (most official figures are now at between 600,000 and 1.5 million). Or if a man in a cave in Afghanistan carried out 911. Or if 1080 is good for the native birds, or if sodium fluoride is good for your teeth, or if Fonterra has been good for NZ as a whole. If they answer yes, there is a good chance you could be dealing with someone from the synagogue of satan – and you and your children are probably not safe around them.

By their fruit you will recognize them.

New Zealand now has the highest child abuse and suicide rates in the developed world – we are becoming third world, and fast, as these inbred demons suck the blood and soul of the Nation dry. They control Labour, National, the Greens and no doubt Winston Peters also, ALL of the mainstream media and 99% of the so called ‘bloggers’. And they all go on and on about their precious holocaust of over 75 years ago. Its a fraud folks – we have our OWN holocaust to deal with right now and its the same bastards running it. Time to wakey wakey. These inbred demonic parasites do not care about anybody but themselves, their trust funds and what kind of car they drive.

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