NZ’s Latest Masonic Murder Cover Up? Cindy George & Her 3 Children – Ashburton


Featured Image – Ashburton mother of three, Cindy George, found dead with her three Young children in an Ashburton home she was asked to look after. Nothing to see here.


Media Whores has had this article sitting saved on our computer for a few days now, and every time we look at it we have shaken our head in disbelief.

Unnamed NZ police, faceless coroner / Judge Marcus Elliot and the the entire corporate NZ media have all agreed that this woman and her three young children died due to carbon monoxide poisoning, in their lounge, from a car, that was in the garage, which she turned on to make sure it would start, but forgot to turn it off, as the house filled with fumes, with the noise of the running car in the background, but no one noticed, then the mother woke up just before she was gassed to death, and raced down the hall way in a final attempt to turn the car off and save her children’s lives, but only made it half way down the hall way before collapsing and dying herself.

If you believe that story, Media Whores has some sodium fluoride health supplements we can sell you at half price. Endorsed by Alex Jones.


Wake up.

Get off the factory farmed animals folks – so you can see the World you are living in. You are what you eat.

There are people living in our communities, they are referred to as ‘the synagogue of satan’. They are usually of German, Dutch, or Eastern European heritage, and often claim to be Jewish, but they lie – just ask them if they eat pork, or if they think 911 was an inside job. They are usually involved in new age churches, or fake/ false new age movements. They secretly practice the dark arts and they are drugging and raping children across New Zealand with the full protection of the NZ police, judiciary and foreign bank owned media – because they have all the money.

They have always been here (ref, the Bain police murders), they came in with the Crown, hidden among the colonists, but we are just starting to get better at seeing them in this new season of the sun, and with our new slow motion technology (internet and cameras instead of daily news papers).

The Justin Davis Files have exposed these people. They are drugging and raping children across NZ everyday. He specifically alleges that they drug entire families, sometimes in their sleep, so they can abuse them, and film it.

A proper investigation would look into the following:

Who are these “parents of her ex partner”? What are their jobs? Govt, council, courts? Any involvement in local churches? Do those who run the church (if such) have any Eastern European family roots? Many of the synagogue of satan claim to be holocaust survivors, but they lie. Its called the holocaustianity business – never ending death, murder and war, as we all wait for an external savior.

“George was house-sitting for her ex-partner’s parents at the time of her death. She had been asked to go the house every second day to clear the mailbox and run the car to stop the battery going flat.”

So her ex partners parents have a spare house they own, or that sits empty while they are away on holiday for winter, but they can’t afford a new battery for their Holden? FFKS.

“One or more of the children may have been asleep when the odorless gas overcame them, the Coroner said.”

So the entire family sat there watching TV as the smell of car fumes filled the house, with the sound of the car running in the garage (to make sure the battery wouldn’t go flat), but no one suggested or thought to perhaps go and turn the car off? FFKS

“When emergency services entered the home, the Holden Commodore’s engine was not running and the fuel tank was about half full, but the key was in the ignition in the “on” position.”

What year was the Holden? A late model Holden could sit all year and still start in the mornings. Did the Holden magically turn itself off once it knew the kids were dead? Then turn its key back on to make the story look more believable? Perhaps the Holden should be charged with murder?

“Police evidence indicated the engine would have stopped running once carbon monoxide filled the garage, which was a confined space.”

Oh so now the garage was a “confined space” and that made the Holden turn itself off, after the whole house was filled with gas of course. The garage only became a “confined space” after everyone was dead. This Holden should be arrested and charged with murder.

“George, a regular phone user, sent her last text message about 7.47pm on June 27.”

“It is more probable than not that Ms George turned the engine on and left it running on 27 June and that she and the children died on the night of 27-28 June,” Judge Elliott said. 

“Cindy Tangipurunga George, 31, her daughter Pio Scarlet Jetejura Raukete, 5, and her sons Teuruaa Junior George, 3, and Teiyzshwaun Gordon Ricardo Nelder Kruz George, 2, were found dead in a Thomson St, Tinwald house on July 2, 2015.”

So this “regular cell phone user” hadn’t text her friends or family for 5 days, but no one was worried? Did anyone actually know where she was? Have the police also covered up her cell phone records?

“Her friend, Esther Ataaere, lived in the same house as George and said she often talked about a “better future” for her children and about having someone in her life.”

Esther Ataare, her house mate hadn’t heard from Cindy Goerge for 5 days, but apparently wasn’t concerned.

“On June 27, George told Ataaere her new boyfriend was taking her and the children to a motel for the weekend.”

The “new boyfriend” has not been named, nor even investigated as far as we know – one of the last people to see Cindy George and her three children alive. Note he took the children and Cindy to a motel? VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS. Who was this “new boyfriend” Top suspect. Presumably he was flashing money around and thus why Cindy George was talking of a “better future” for her children in the days leading up to the date, and her death. Police and media have FAILED to name this TOP SUSPECT. 

“Homeowner Tom Raukete said he left George instructions to get the mail and open the garage to start the car. 

“I told her to run the car for a couple of minutes and then turn it off and then leave.”

He said George had seen him do this when she previously lived with them.

“I didn’t mention to her anything about ventilation as she had seen that I opened the garage door when I turned the car on to run it.”

This is a ridiculous story, but at least we now have some names. Media Whores is willing to bet money that this Raukete family are involved with some kind of new age church in Ashburton. And rest assured, almost all of the new age churches are run by the so called synagogue of satan. They are child sex procurement operations and very little else.

Tom Raukete-ashburton-cindy-george

Tom Raukete – are you involved with a new age church in Ashburton Tom? Our guess he is probably high up in one of these churches, given the ‘official’ story we are seeing here. 4 people found dead in his home, but very few questions at all. 

No mention of Cindy George or her three dead children on Tom’s Facebook page, only his own “beautiful family”. How about the beautiful family that died in your house mate? Would you rather put it behind you?

“George, 32, originally from the Cook Islands, had lived in New Zealand since 2008. George initially lived in Ashburton with her partner, John Raukete. They married in 2011.”

The only John Raukete we could find on Facebook was this guy – pictured with the Monster Energy drink logo, which is of course an upside down “666”. The synagogue of satan and their demonic inbred children hide their symbols in plain site. Hell’s Pizza being another obvious example. John Raukete has some pictures of slightly more glamorous looking women on his Facebook page, so perhaps / or why would this guy be dating the slightly older mother of 3 young children, Cindy George?

John Raukete-ashburton-cindy-george


Monster Energy Drink – 666 – unleash the beasts indeed.

And then we have these two – who actually lived at the house that Tom Raukete owned. gets a bit confusing doesn’t it? Old Tom must be quite the patriarch. There is huge money in the ‘God’ business after all, and its related spin offs.

“David Hosea and Akateni Raukete, who lived at the Thomson St house, returned to the home on July 2. When they arrived they found George’s van parked in the driveway.”

Any serious investigation should of course focus on those who found the bodies.

There is no “David Hosea ” found on Facebook at all. He must be a bit secretive.

And his wife Akateni Raukete is on Facebook, is from the Cook Islands, “daughter of Tom Raukete” …and praising Jesus. No mention of the 4 dead bodies she found in her home as far we can see.

Jesus will sort it out no doubt.

Or perhaps Ian Wishart will write another book for the Police once the dust settles – if he can get time away from his new age church.

Legal – Media Whores has not alleged that Tom Raukete or any of his family members are involved with some kind of new age church based in Ashburton that is owned and run by the famed synagogue of satan, who drug and rape children on a systematic basis around NZ (and the Cook Islands), but we are stating that we think the ‘official’ story of the deaths of Cindy George and her 3 innocent young kids stinks to high heaven and that more serious questions need to be asked, as we have begun to do here. We also highlight (again, the Justin Davis Files which expose that this secret little group of pedophiles is drugging and raping kids around the Country, often via new age churches, but nobody will admit it, or investigate it, except us. Media Whores apologises if anyone has had their feelings hurt while reading this article, but doesn’t necessarily accept that your feelings are more important than 3 young kids being possibly abused then murdered. It can’t be ruled out, in fact is quite likely, that innocent people have also been drawn into a cover up, unbeknown to them, but that would not excuse their complicit stupidity.  


Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ? Here a few murders with connections to nz pedo network – very likely to be more, but these are the ones I know about – kirsa jensen, mona blade, terressa Mccormick, lundy wife and daughter, scott guy, scott guy cousin in aussie, Greg king welly lawyer, Ben hope and Oliva smart, sister boyfriend, daughter boyfriend, Hopewell brothers in Auckland, 2 degrees founder, founder of palms medical centre in Palmy, Jean – o in Hastings , old Asian couple in Napier motel, Napier gunman, that’s just off top of my head. There probably a couple more I missed

” – Justin Davis

Other fake “gassing” conspiracies – possibly all related to each other:













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