Learning to Fly


5 signs you may be under Masonic mind control:

  1. you think sodium fluoride in the water is good for your teeth.
  2. you think sky scrapers collapse when they get hit by airplanes
  3. you think the politicians work for you
  4. you think North Korea could destroy the World
  5. and you think you are spinning around at 1000 miles every hour, all day, every day….

‘Illumination’ 101 – the Gods smile on you when you stand up. Off your knees. Death is an invention of the masonic religions, banks and insurance companies, who run your Govern-mental. If you see a dead body, the body is dead and the life is gone. So where has it gone? Die/ Deify / Deity. Its the biggest hoax of all.

The Firmament above….

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