New Zealand’s Biggest Gang Exposed – The Jewish Sayanim Gang


Featured Image – Media Works ‘comedian’ Guy Williams dressed as a policeman at the staged Morrinsville ‘police’ shooting.


New Zealand’s biggest and most active gang is the Jewish Sayanim Gang.

They number in the thousands, possibly 10-15,000 Nationwide, plus however many foreign Jewish Sayanim ‘tourists’ are in the Country at any given time – and NZ is a very popular place to be ‘posted’. Malaysia seems to be on top of that problem, simply by banning all Israeli passport holders.

This does not include the ‘Goy’ Freemason foot soldiers they are also said to control.

Its a small army, but big enough to take over a Nation the size of NZ, if unchecked. This is what they are doing with the meth industry, some allege.

They use a special spy App on their iPhones which allows them to instantly communicate with each other, share data & information, track their targets, collude on their stories to avoid being caught and even to set up entire crime scenes, as we have previously covered.This App is apparently untraceable by the NZ police, making this gang the most highly organized by far. Some allege they are even staging entire funerals and even entire jury trials.

They are also alleged to have the full backing of large organizations such as Jewish owned Media Works and other large companies such as Jewish controlled Xero to name a few. Think, NZ’s rich list and some of our biggest companies. Mostly Jewish controlled.

They have also infiltrated most Government / Crown agencies, such as the courts and police, not to mention the NZ parliament – as also previously detailed. 

It is our opinion that this is how they are staging the recent fake ‘shootings’ in New Zealand, such as Morrinsville and the ‘Black Salt’ Kosher Whangarei Shootings – and apparently with full police, media and government protection. They can carry out entire staged funerals using their network of gang members. Not to mention entire jury trials.

Some allege it is also how the meth trade is being run in NZ – with the Jewish meth wholesaler network passing messages to each other in an instant via their secret cell phone App that the NZ police cannot access. This would of course explain why the meth trade in NZ just keeps getting bigger and the authorities just can’t seem to get on top of it. We have been told this is also how they stitch up other non Jewish Sayanim gang members, usually because they see them as a threat, or simply because they fancy their girlfriends, partners or even their children. Other Jewish Sayanim who work or run the cell phone companies can pass the cell phone data from other gang members onto the network, making them sitting ducks. It has even been alleged that they murdered the 2 Degrees founder because he wouldn’t give them access to 2 Degrees data.

This is obviously a very dangerous situation, not least given the Jewish Talmud teaches that sex with children as young as 3 years old is somehow ‘holy’ or acceptable, and could explain the Justin Davis Files we have reported on which explains that children are being drugged and raped across NZ on a daily basis in dentists offices, new age churches, Christian schools and even MP’s offices. It could even explain cases like the recent Ashburton murder cover up of Cindy George and her three children, with its ridiculous  ‘official’ story

These Jewish Sayamin spies use their secret ‘Kosher’ App to request help or support from other local Sayanim spies in their area, making it easy to cover up crime scenes with fake witness statements etc. It has been alleged that young women are often their targets – and of course they have access to the drugs mentioned in the Justin Davis Files also – and the meth. One can imagine the damage the younger ones do, many of whom actually run meth dealing houses where young Kiwi women are often trapped, ‘working’ for their addictions.

Admittedly, many of the younger Jewish Sayanim are unaware that some of their comrades are drugging and raping children and getting away with it in NZ, and find themselves somewhat trapped in what could be described as a soulless/ debaucherous Satanic Cult, but there is no easy way out.

Brendon O’Connell has also exposed how the plan of the Israeli command centre is to eventually and deliberately expose them all and force them all to run to Israel to live, a fairly unappealing option some would argue.

Obviously the best solution is to denounce their satanic cult /gang and start living honestly in the communities they are in – but many doubt they are capable, so addicted to their crime, the drugs, the easy money and the protection they are enjoying from our corrupt system…..

[Disclaimer – although NZ author Greg Hallett alleges below that “every Jew is a spy”, we have seen no evidence of this, or otherwise. We advise readers use common sense – and put yours and your children’s safety first]







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