‘The Politicians are all whack job pedophiles & drug addicts being controlled by Israel’ – Brendon O’Connell


Featured Image – Some of NZ’s politicians. Do Brendon O’Connell’s allegations apply to foreign bank owned NZ politics also? We investigate…..

“….and Mike Hoskings were caught hiring a 14-year-old Polynesian boy from a church of sex.” – Spymaster 


Kiwis are being gang raped by the foreign owned banks and large corporates – while the mainstream media and politicians we fund all work full time covering for them…

From Fonterra (Fund Tera), to the so called “Aussie” banks (lol, Australia does NOT own the banks), petrol companies, the food companies sold off by Graeme ‘all’ Hart, the cell phone companies who wipe your balances every month or so, Bayleys and the other real estate cartel members, the supermarket cartels. You name it, they are gang raping us. While the foreign owned media all proudly report on their “record profits” year after year.

Well where the hell does all the money go? All we have now is record inequality and homelessness, and third world roads. We could  ALL be 95% tax free if these ‘Chosen by God’ corporates were made to pay their fair share.

It is madness. Even the Commerce Commission that tax payers fund around $80 million per year to avoid such a situation does nothing.

How can they all be so tightly controlled and gagged – all of these clowns in Government and media that you see on TV each day?

It is a fact that every single one of NZ’s so called political ‘leaders’ appear to have conspired to cover up Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks, and the fake/ staged war on terror that has followed, using it to threaten us all instead of trying to expose the truth. So what does that tell you? Not to mention their blanket silence on the sodium fluoride (rat poison) being added to the water. They are clearly all controlled and part of the same little secret club.

In the video below, Australian political refugee Brendon O’Connell provides the evidence that politicians down under are all “whack job pedophiles” and drug addicts (usually meth and heroin) being bribed by the Israeli State into implementing the global corporate agenda, at our expense. Some are saying most of our politicians and mainstream media personalities are in fact all related to each other. We can’t say for sure that this includes all NZ politicians, but it is important Kiwis are made aware of these facts, not least before another elite-con.

By using high grade Afghan heroin and meth to control these freaks, as alleged by O’Connell in Australia and even our own Greg Hallett in NZ (actually both have now been forced into political exile), there is no shortage of confidence amongst them, but very little if any common sense, honesty or ethics.

Check out the “ZOG” website for the full list of Ashkenazi Jews who own and control almost every global corporate you can think of..

Or how about all of the ‘rings of Saturn’ & Masonic global corporate logos below also.

There is certainly reasonable cause for concern….

“For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you.” –  The Talmudic promise for ‘the Chosen’  inbred tribe to rule the World, edited into the Bible some centuries ago as this criminal gang took over . 

Some of NZ’s mainstream media and political ‘leaders’ below – images compliments of TVNZ, Newstalk ZB, Media Whores, opps Media Works, and Stuff. Fair use/ commentary. They are less than 1% of our population but control 99% of everything we see and hear via the airwaves. Media Whores cannot confirm how many of them, or if all of them fit the descriptions given by O’Connell, or if they are indeed all related to each other, but we can confirm these freaks are all on the same payroll, and paid to help gang rape the other 99% of us.

It could well be argued that by rounding up all of these corporate pigs and putting them in a labour camp somewhere south of Invercargill , NZ and its people could thrive again…..(no offense to Invercargill, just somewhere remote).


Rings of Saturn and related Masonic logos – the ‘Satanic’ Global Corporate New World Order – Chosen by God…

‘Zionist’ infiltration of NZ and Australia: 

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