The Media Whores Story – Stitched Up by the Synagogue


Stitched Up by the Synagogue

– by “——”, born 1974, ChCh. NZ

Please note, I am not trying to pass a grammar test here, but the message should be clear.

I want to document as briefly as I can, all of the times I have been ‘stitched up’ in recent years by the so called Synagogue of Satan, which is really just the Jewish Synagogue as far as I can tell. These are the so called fake Jews, the ones that hide behind their fake ‘holy cause’, the ones who ran that operation and continue their ‘Reich’ or war against everyone else who is not in the family, to this day. Parasites that leach off of the rest society/ those who work for a living.

I will try and keep it brief, as any one that is interested can go and check up the associated facts if needed. The important thing is just the headlines and dates and to document them all, so it will be clear there has been a pattern.

I feel it is important because it seems to be on going and you never know when the big one will come. And these criminal freaks plan many years in advance and are capable of anything. They use fake witnesses, fake victims, corrupt police, judges and coroners, and even fake dna tests, all of whom are members of the ‘club’ and can be called upon at any time to show up and lie and deceive – we see it happening all of the time. The David Bain police shootings being one obvious example, and as recently exposed, also the recent staged/ fake Morrinsville police shooting and the Whangarei shooting false flag – all staged events. They even stage whole jury trials and even funerals.

Quickly, my background. Christchurch raised, I was always a top student, except for a few years from age 12 to 14 after my parents split up and I pretty much hit the streets, in all sorts of trouble, applying a clever mind to all sorts of mischief. Then into a Catholic boarding school at age 15 which sorted me out. Top few in my class with maths, economics, etc. I developed big problems with public speaking at age 12/13 however and avoided any and all public speaking right through University, meaning I never performed well in English and any other topic that involved standing up and reading, despite the fact I was good at that also.  In an informal situation however, I was born for it, and often end up the ‘leader’ among groups, or certainly the most vocal. I graduated with a degree in Economic Analysis of Law from Canterbury, A’s for more major, and invited back for Honors. I went to London instead, using the money I had saved from selling advertising for the UCSA before I graduated. I was making $50k per annum part time in my last two years of Uni. My more recent study of the science of astrology would agree that I have something of a gift for communications, but with a fairly dangerous Saturn in Gemini which leads to controversy and trouble, confirmed also by the number of bar fights I have had in my life, probably over 100, usually just defending myself against angry mobs. I can destroy with my tongue and fairly good hand eye with the fists if needed.

2 years working in banks in London City, hated it, started running dance parties instead, made thousands of pounds on each one, flew to Ibiza for a holiday after the first one. My fair share of recreational drugs. Started “The After Party” in west London which many Kiwis in London at that time will recall (1998/99). Others will remember the Fevah parties there and in NZ, some of those guys played their first gigs at my Sunday morning event in London, at Sids Bar, Tottenham Court. Visa expired, came home, got depressed, went on anti depressants for a  few years, bad idea, all of those drugs are laced with pharmaceutical grade heroin. Applied for a job in South Korea teaching English, went there, hated it, came home, but went back, and then stayed around 7 years in total and had an amazing time. Had to leave due to too many scraps with US Army rednecks – it was like a weekend sport. Went to Auckland, started an on line business, still running it. Self employed on good steady income, which has allowed me a lot of time to research and think in the past years. The big thing is I think, I have never really settled in any one place, job or home for longer than 3-6 months. As soon as I start to feel trapped in a place or job, I split. It’s a weakness I guess, but also a great strength as it has allowed me to stay very independent in my thinking and thoughts. Open minded you might say. I have lived or traveled in around 30 different countries, seen a lot and met all types.

My ‘awakening’ to the ‘conspiracy’ world started around 2010 when I came across some Youtube videos explaining that 911 was an ‘inside job’ (actually it was an Israeli /Soviet Jewish job, not an ‘inside’ job). This was the start of the end of my trust in the mainstream media, and our government, all of whom had conspired to cover it up. Then I came across some Youtube interviews with NZ author Greg Hallett and his books. Stunning. And made me mad as hell that NZ authors were being silenced and even murder attempts on them.  We have a large family in NZ, going back many generations and I was fkd if I was going to let these corrupt bastards operate like that in our country. I bought a stack of Halletts books and drove off around the country distributing them to libraries and various people I met. I also then helped start a website/ blog called “Media Whores” which published details of all the corruption NZ was experiencing. It wasn’t until many years later that I was able to cut through all of the side shows and see it was a “Zionist” conspiracy, or more accurately, a plain old Jewish conspiracy. We have all been brainwashed since birth to shun any such suggestion, plus my very name made me naturally shy away from any such ideas. In hindsight, these people have been offering me secret handshakes my entire life, not least in the London banking scene. Everywhere I have been really, I had no idea what the fuss was.

That’s the background- now for the stitch ups. This is brief and not intended as a leisure time read for anyone, it is simply because I doubt very much they are done with me yet, so best get some of it documented. These people have been tracking me for the past few years, taking photos, gathering information everywhere I have been, so I am concerned they will try to stitch up some story or allegations retrospectively – something I have learned they specialise in.

By the time I had reached Dunedin (after leaving Auckland) around 2011, I had given out heaps of Greg Hallett’s books (NZ a Black Mailers Guide), and Media Whores .co .nz was in full swing and getting far too much attention, probably NZ’s leading blog site. One morning while working away in my Dunedin flat near Maitland St, a news report came on that said a girl had been stabbed in the door of her Dunedin flat, just 1-2 km’s from my place. The description they gave was just like me, 6.2 white male, short blond/ brown hair, and wearing almost exactly what I was wearing most days, jeans and black hoddie. I froze, and thought, they are setting me up! Another thing which I always knew and is confirmed in my birth chart is intuition to burn, some call it sixth sense, and 9 times out of 10 it serves me well.  I emailed my mum and told her to brace herself and that anything she heard about me today was not true. Then I sat there for 5 minutes trying to think what to do. Eventually I decided to put on a coat and go down to the very centre of the Octagon and have a coffee, where everyone could see me, nice and calm. While I was down there, some guy in an All Blacks sweater came jogging across the grass and sat right across from me, looked at me funny, smiled, asked for my lighter, watched me, then run off in the same direction again after his smoke. He didn’t order anything. To me, this was a message, that they had been trying to set me up that day, and had either changed their minds, or my going down town and sitting quietly in public had ruined it. Perhaps it was just a warning. I followed the case in the media for some time, and they said a man had been arrested and been to court, but I cannot find the article /link now. It may have been removed. As I have now learned, they set up whole crime seems like this, often using fake victims, masonic police, fake witnesses, you name it. Even fake trials and even fake funerals. Their agents in the media will even go back and doctor stories or remove them completely if required.  I will explain / prove this as I go on. That is also part of the reason I am writing this, as it is not beyond these freaks to go back and set you up years later, when you least expect it. I also recall Helen Clark was in Dunedin at the time, and I had posted some of Greg Hallett’s quotes about her, namely that she was a Tavistock/ Russian trained gang bang prostitute, a heroin trafficker and married to a convicted pedophile. They tried to murder Hallett when he published those books. My assumption was that it was my posts about Helen Clark that was making them upset. She was in line for the UN top job and those allegations had to be silenced.

The Media Whores website was hacked and shut down some days later. Which was a bit of a relief to be honest. Summer was approaching and I buggered off to Queenstown for a holiday.

I kept on blogging, mostly posting on Facebook and even started getting on the airwaves a lot, usually under the name Alex or James, I have been banned from every talk show in NZ – all of the media are part of the ‘club’ after all, mostly all related to each other.  I was making a lot of noise again in no time,  emails, blogs, facebook etc – exposing 911, and all the other corruption I could see happening under the John ‘the Jew’ Key Zionist regime now in charge. Even worse than Helen Clark, John key is alleged to have pimped out his own daughter since she was a child. These people are criminal psychopaths and whack jobs, and severely inbred. His daughter is now doing porn in Paris – messed in the head. One of my articles still floats around the internet “Goldman Sachs plans for the depopulation of the East Coast of NZ” is one of them, it went viral overseas, reposted on numerous other ‘conspiracy’ websites.

The next bit of trouble didn’t come along until Nov 2011, when I was set up in a Queenstown bar by a bouncer. In hindsight the bar owners must have been watching me on their cameras and sent a big old fat bouncer in to try and make trouble with me and set me up on film. The bouncer pushed me first and got a very short sharp hiding outside the door. The bouncer was allowed to perjure himself 18 times in front of Judge Kevin Phillips (known to be a cross dresser and a very corrupt piece of shit who runs the mafia in Queenstown). He stated he had never followed me out the door after I had left the bar as requested, but the video showed clearly that he did, and twice, with his fists raised. Phillips ignored the video and called the bouncer “an honest witness”. Complete fraud and lies. I had also requested in writing the hearing be transferred to the High Court (as is one’s legal right) because I knew I was being set up, but they ignored this.  Complete fraud and dishonesty by the NZ courts and Margaret McSweeney that runs the QT District Court. Corrupt treasonous filth, the lot of them. I was forced to have the hearing with their corrupt QT judge whom they knew they could trust. The police even produced statements they had twinked over and photocopied. The bouncer changed his statement that he had initially asked me to leave because I “was drunk” when I pointed out that would mean the bar were in breach of liquor licensing laws for serving me to begin with. All of those details are on Youtube under “Is the NZ judiciary totally corrupt” if you want to check it out. I documented the perjury and appealed to the High Court then Court of Appeal with clear screen prints showing the bouncer leaving the bar with his fists raised, and learned that the entire system was corrupt. I still hadn’t figured out they were all part of the same club. Sick inbred fks. Now I know. That entire process, with appeals and 100’s of pages of paper work, dragged on for 3 years. Eventually I was forced to do 90 hours community work, I was worried they would try to set me up there as well, but went smoothly. They were in effect simply determined to stitch me up with an assault charge and no amount of fact or law was going to stop them. It was at that stage I realized that the entire NZ legal system was a fraud.

The next one was in 2015 when I published an article exposing that the housing minister in NZ, Nick Smith MP is an alleged serial child sex offender who is said to be running a pedophile ring from his Nelson electorate office with National party chairman Dan Dolejs. They drug and rape kids on a regular basis it is claimed. I came across the allegations on line and actually met with the guy who had made them (Justin Davis) while in Hamilton. The level of detail Justin Davis provided was incredible and I was convinced he was telling the truth so I publicised that story also. 7 months later I was sent a claim by the Tenancy Court in Hamilton to pay $8,000 to an old landlord for 7 months unpaid rent on a flat I had moved into then left after a few weeks. I had given the landlord 4 weeks notice and left him the bond money then offered to find another tenant, but he emailed me and said he had it covered. The claim that showed up 8 months later was that the fully furnished flat in the middle of Hamilton had stayed empty for 7 months, in the middle of the worst housing crisis in NZ’s history – complete bullshit. I went to the hearing and showed the email from the landlord saying he would find another tenant, as well as proof that he never even advertised the flat on Trademe, as well as statements from 5 other Hamilton real estate agents with similar flats who all said they don’t stay empty for longer than 3 or 4 days. It was 100% another set up, due to my exposing the housing minister Nick Smith MP as an alleged serial kiddie fiddler. The Hamilton tenancy court then refused to provide me with the transcripts of my hearing (as I had repeated the Nick Smith allegations in the hearing), so I could lodge an appeal to the District Court, which they are obliged to do by law. I then wrote back stating this and claimed the ruling was corrupt, rendering it unenforceable. They gave it to a debt collector who has contacted me a few times, but I sent them my dispute documents and started invoicing them $1000 every time they contacted me. Total corruption, again. The QT court had also refused to provide me transcripts, meaning there is no evidence of a public record. You soon learn they are all in on it – total lawlessness by a bunch of inbred criminal bastards that run our legal system. It is in fact an illegal system they run. A bunch of child abusing criminals all conspiring with each other to cover up their organized pedophilia.

I was having trouble renting flats after that, as they no doubt intended, so I bought a caravan in the end and lived at a holiday park outside Thames for 5 months from September 2016 to Jan 2017. A guy showed up a week after I moved there to start a new part time cleaning job at the park, and all of my files on the Queenstown fake assault case and appeal went missing from a box in the back of my caravan. He had come around the back of my caravan a few times not realising I was inside and gave me a sheepish excuse. He had clearly been sent in by the Synagogue to find those court records (all of which had tracking numbers attached to them from NZ Post)  and steal them. His name was Shaun. Part of the inbred club. I didn’t notice the folder had gone until the day I packed up and moved.

I restarted the Media Whores website while living in the caravan, and all hell started breaking lose.  I started being sent speeding tickets and red light camera fines from all over the Waikato and Auckland, places I had never even been. I disputed them all, requesting photos etc, the cops would refuse to provide the photos, as provided by law, then just send the fines to the courts, who would add their fees then bill me even more. I have hundreds of pages of these from about a 9 month period until I finally left the North and came back down South. I need to make sure they don’t try to steal all that paper work as well. These days I invoice them each time they send me fraudulent crap, and the Crown now owe me $50,000 by law, with interest being added each month. So they tend to avoid the whole fake ticket scam now. In that process you learn how they have their agents in the police, the courts, even at the NZ Post shops, and they all conspire and coordinate together to stitch up a target. People with less awareness and communication skills, or even with less funding wouldn’t stand a chance against them. Most people never even know they have been stitched up.

They then tried it on with hookers and drugs, as they are quite famous for doing, the old Soviet strategy which has apparently worked with most politicians. They have an army of whores working for them, most of them child abuse victims and part of the ‘family’/ bloodline. The first one was named “Santana” or “Savanah” – her name changed each time I met her. This was around October while still at the holiday park. She showed up at a party I was at in Auckland and had me out the door in about 10 minutes. She wanted to get drugs, get high and fk. Took me a few weeks to figure out that she had been sent in by the club and that she was working for them in other ‘jobs’ as well. Ditched her pretty fast, but admittedly hit her up for a meeting or three in the months that followed. Only human! She seemed to be trying to introduce me into some gang – so finally ditched her. Wasn’t easy to do I admit. The last thing I was going to do was have another boss (ie, be in one of their gangs) and the gangs are all run by the Jewish mafia and are just giant snitch operations. Never been into having a boss. Must have had over 200 jobs in my lifetime, from bars and clubs to labouring, advertising banking etc, and I have told almost every boss I have ever had to go fk himself at one stage or another, usually on my last day at work. Now I work for myself, simply bcos I have to, but clearly what I was supposed to do. The Synagogue must have decided that I would be quite suitable to be in one of the gangs they run- and they run them all, rest assured. The Jewish mafia runs all of the gangs, in Soviet NZ at least, mostly just by supplying them all of their drugs, usually via the criminal lawyers. The criminal lawyers, or the criminal ‘bar’ are the synagogue rabbis, Hebrew is read backwards.


Image – the new age liberal Jewish Sayanim. Predominately works in the corporate sector and media, for Jewish owned and run companies. Alleged to be using chloral hydrate and GHB type date rape drugs to attack their victims (and even their own friends and girlfriends).Don’t let them near your children. 

I think it was in November 2016 that I was in Auckland one night, on a Wednesday, been out all night, slept in my van because I had had a few drinks and couldn’t drive back to Thames, when I woke up and had been texting Savanah to see if she wanted to go to Piha for a drive that day – we had been there a few times. She was based out by Swanson. She didn’t respond. I drove back to Thames around 1pm after a walk down the water front and coffee etc. When I got back to Thames there was a news report about a young boy who had been kidnapped after school/ 3-4pm by “ a man in a gray van” (same as mine) around Swanson. They were claiming he had been abused and dropped back at Ranui Train Station around 7pm, police were looking for a man in a gray van. I was following the media very closely, always do, due to my blogging etc. There were no witnesses, no camera video of the van (despite that area being covered in street cams, Henderson, the motorways, local businesses etc), no statement from the boys family or the boy, not even an ID sketch. It was fake. The news reports came out for a few months after, some of them even asking why there was no other info, or even a statement from family etc. It was staged. Another one of these hoaxes these freaks run and I reckon I may have been the target. They were watching my cell phone messages and tried to set me up, thinking I would be out near Swanson later that day. Perhaps Savanah had refused to go along with it?  I was ordering Thai dinner back at Thames by around 5pm that day, and my phone records showed it. Again, it is important to document this stuff, because for all I know, they will try and bring it all back up many years later and frame me, not least if I don’t shut up and stop exposing them on line.  Interestingly, 2 Degrees cell phone company website went down that week and I couldn’t access my phone records! Got them when it came back up a week or so later. Very odd.

2 degrees

The call at 1.57pm was to Radio Live as I drove back to Thames, to have them on about something they were discussing. That call was made from the Southern Motorway close to the Thames turnoff form memory. And the calls at 6pm were for Thai food in Thames. Obviously I was not dropping a boy back in Ranui at 6 or 7pm. Again, as creepy as all this is, best to document it, in case it all comes back up one day. That police investigation went nowhere, everyone just forgot about it. 100% false flag, and possibly targeting me. These inbred freaks terrorise our communities with this fake crap. Truth be told, they are the only child abusers, well, themselves and some of the poor souls they abused as kids who then grow up to be the same.

To put this in perspective, Media Whores was getting up to 100,000 views on some articles by this stage. A very big threat to the system.

Two months on – still no arrests in Ranui abduction – Herald 

They always make money out of it though – rest assured – note the number “13” – they always leave their code for other mafia members to see.

$13k Raised for Ranui Family – Stuff

I sold the caravan and moved into Auckland in late Jan 2017. I rented a flat at in Scotia Place at the top of Queen Street. The first week I went out, I walked up to K Road to get a taxi to Ponsonby for a drink, and a fight broke out on K Road as I walked past. A guy was threatening to punch a tranny on the side of the road, but it was weird because it seemed to start out of thin air right in front of me. I stopped and told the guy to pull his head in, don’t hit girls, or trannies or whatever. I raised my hands at one stage, but I knew I was on thin ice and so didn’t get involved. Then I realised it was all acting, they were putting on a show. No one was hitting anyone, just acting. I walked off quickly and as I went past the K Road Arcade entrance I saw a bunch of the bastards standing around the corner, with cell phones and cameras filming it. They were trying to set me up again! They knew I tend to get involved if I see shit going on and were targeting that side of my character. Worse than that, it made me realise that they were somehow tracking me from my flat, when I left to go out etc. I caught a taxi down to Grand Central bar and then at GC, some gangster dude showed up as I arrived, sat next to me and started up a conversation. I told him the story from down the road and he laughed about it. As we chatted I began to realize he also knew who I was. Not sure what his agenda was, but after he left, another bigger gangster dude arrived and tried to start a fight. I avoided that. These people were all over me in Auckland. From the synagogue type liberal looking smart ones, to the gangsters that work for them (and they employ a lot of gangsters, if not all of them, mark my words). That same dude from GC showed up another day at a bar down Vulcan Lane, a few minutes after I arrived,  and said hi. We ended up at a bar down the water front where 3 or 4 others showed up. We were all chatting away until a young ‘French’ guy bought up wwii and the holocaust, he was testing me. When I said I didn’t believe in their Holocaustianity, they all fained outrage and left. Numerous attempts to ‘bring me back in’ to the fold.For the record, I have seen honor in some of those who they have sent in, or that work for them. Many of them would sooner get out of it I imagine.

This became a recurring theme during my 3-4 month stay back in Auckland. I experimented with leaving home with just cash, no cards, sometimes no car and just walking and still these assholes would be following me, sometimes waiting outside the flat, usually arriving in bars or cafes within minutes after me. I think the door access beeper thing could track me, as I was always carrying that. We underestimate the technology available to the synagogue, the biggest and most funded gang in NZ. A  good example is one night when I went back to GC bar on Ponsonby Road, and within minutes two very attractive / model looking girls showed up and sat right next to me. They were talking sort of at my direction, I was suspicious so ignored them. I moved. They moved over next to me. Eventually, after a couple drinks I said hi. Within 30 minutes, around 10 guys had showed up and all started coming over one by one to talk to the girls. They all pretended not to know each other. They all wanted to meet me and ask my name. I usually use my middle name when out, my first name is too recognisable if involved with a website like Media Whores. Turned out they all worked at Jewish owned Media Works, probably the one company that Media Whores takes the piss out of the most.  At the end of the night they all got up to go to another bar, I declined an invitation, and one of the guys came up to me as they left and said “I think we should wage war on all Jewish people” – then promptly walked off – letting me know that they knew who I was. I found one of the girls on facebook the next day, a young part Maori model, actually the same one who claimed she had been drugged at a Justin Beiber party in Aussie recently (here she is, Bailey Scarlett ) –  no doubt another fake name and probably passed around as a child – the NZ fashion industry is a child sex procurement operation – obviously works for the Synagogue and specialises in setting people up. Most of the girls are simply crack whores, and the synagogue Sayanim have access to all of the drugs. Take your pick. I sent her a message on facebook the next day “that was a set up last night wasn’t it?” She replied “Yes, the tattooed guy was my boyfriend” – Gonzales, a Jewish Mexican comedian working for Media Works who specialises in jokes about pedophilia – and no doubt a Talmudic child abuse victim. I heard somewhere that his father had committed suicide, suggesting his mother was  probably Jewish. The Media Werks commies had sent in their girlfriends to try and set me up, again. Or just to get information and let me know they can find me etc. Jewish owned Media Werks is crawling with these criminals pervert freaks. They are in fact ISIS in New Zealand.

These people, this Jewish gang, have technology that lets them track people all over NZ, and in the cities. I figured out eventually that they use a secret App, something like Pokémon Go, if not that actual App, to track and stalk their targets. Once I figured this out, I started to notice them everywhere, every time I went out. When at the ATM, I would turn around and someone would be standing their recording me. Hookers coming up to me outside me flat and asking if they could borrow my cell phone, with strange men waiting 50 meters away that they returned to (this is not Kings Cross, this is Scotia Place in Auckland CBD). One night my credit card stopped working at a pub, couldn’t buy beer, went down to the ATM, couldn’t get money out, but knew I had money in there. So I decided to try a taxi home, as I couldn’t stay out with no money. When the taxi got back to Scotia the credit card worked, then waiting outside my door where two hookers in a car, they got out and asked me if they could come up. I mean come on. Again, this is not King’s Cross – that sort of shit hardly happens on K Road, and not where I was living.  I declined. These inbred freaks can actually track you while you are out, switch off your credit card so you have to go home, then organize hookers to be waiting outside your door for when you arrive back slightly drunk.They are that cunning at what they do. Its like Soviet Russia here now, and it’s the same Bolshevik freaks running/ ruining the show.

In all honesty, of the 3-4 months I was there, I reckon they successfully set me up with 2 or 3 girls. One reason I think this, is one of the girls who was up in my flat, I watched as she went over to my laptop on the desk, and removed the tape I always have over my camera, as I poured a drink, then she tried to get me naked on my bed, right in front of the camera. I noticed the whole thing happening so it didn’t work. Well, I put the tape back on at least. But quite likely they got me once or twice. If you think that is funny, just remember these inbred freaks are spying on you also via the TV’s, smoke alarms, computers, and smart phones. Google that if you don’t believe it “Your TV is spying on you”. They are perverts and can tap into most people’s home devices and watch you as they please. And again, its important to cover this, because if they have photos or video, they can doctor that and come up with whatever they like, not to mention corrupt witnesses, people they ‘own’.  Also check out “fake dna tests” sometime on line – that’s a fraud also. So they have fake witnesses, gangsters working for them, hookers working for them, they have all the drugs, in fact they run the meth trade, they can track you, spy on you, fake dna tests etc.  These are very dangerous inbred perverts, as you can see. They have no morals, no ethics, they have no souls. But lots of money and power, and brain dead retards who follow them.

Oh yeah, another one – when I first arrived in Auckland, I needed a car park, so I rented one in a building at 500 Queen Street called “Secure Parking”.  I went down to their Vulcan Lane office to sign up – well dressed corporate types. First night I left the van there, window got broken, door lock smashed and the stereo stolen. There was smashed glass all over the car park when I went down the next day. Audis and high end sport cars everywhere, in a ‘secure’ building, but for some reason they only targeted my old van. There was a very neatly written note under the window wipers from a girl who claimed she had seen “two Maori boys smash your window and ran off with the stereo”. It was signed and had her cell phone number. I tried to call her a few times, got voice mail. She sent some texts to me, I told her I thought it was a set up by the car park company “Secure Parking” – she then went silent, presumably realizing the scam hadn’t washed with me.  It was my welcome to Auckland message from the Synagogue, who obviously own that company, well most companies to be fair. They are always blaming Maori and others for their own crimes, anything that encourages their precious divide and rule ‘racism’.

There has been many more examples like that – that is just off the top of my head. You could pass one or two off an coincidences or accidents, but when stuff like that is happening to you almost every week and you are involved in a website like Media Whores, you soon figure it out.

They used to place two spies on the park bench opposite my flat most days, down in Meyers Park, just staring up into my windows. They would scarper each time I went down to ask them why they had been there all day staring. Heaps more examples, too much to mention, this is just off the top of my head tonight. Another odd thing was the girl living in the flat above me, almost every time I went to the bathroom, I could hear her follow across her floor a few seconds later and stand directly above me, quietly, waiting. Very creepy. And I mean almost every time. Again, I point out that we probably underestimate the technology these inbred creeps have.

Another example was the building manager Ivan, who had a back up set of keys to my apartment. One day I came home and my ashtray had been tipped over from the computer desk beside the balcony door. I went straight downstairs and knocked on his door, he was not there, but appeared a few seconds later in the lift with a guy with “Maintenance” or something written on his top. I told him someone had been in my room and asked if he had been in there. He denied it and started getting all fired up and upset and ended with “There are only 5 or 6 of you in the Country, Nicky Hager is another one”. I mean what the fk? The maintenance guy had bolted as soon as he got out of the lift. Old Ivan the building manager at Scotia Place was possibly an old corrupt commie also. Most of them are controlled via the child abuse rings.

Needless to say, leaving Auckland was a relief. It was bloody dangerous in there. The Synagogue did not want me to get comfortable in their playground.

I started heading South and  had similar experiences in Taupo. Went out for a beer and had 5 or 6 of them around me within 10 mins, offering drugs etc. I know when it is the Sayanim because they always start asking questions about things posted on Media Whores recently, out of the blue, often stuff that has just been posted. It’s a  dead giveaway.

I had one night in Wellington, and within 10 mins at some bar, 3 of them came up and offered me acid, out of the blue. Then down in Westport, within 5 mins at a cafe, same thing, same questions. They are in every town, and all connected via that App they use.  And I have apparently been one of their biggest targets, which is hardly surprising if you read some of the stuff on Media Whores.

Part of the reason I decided to write this, is because when I was down in Westport for a month in August 2017, there were newspaper reports of someone setting fire to empty old local houses. Not me of course. But when I left and went up to Tasman some weeks later, another house was burned down in Motueka. That was around the 1st of September. I was staying at the Golden Bay camping ground that night and have the receipt, so that was not me. Obviously you can start to get a bit paranoid in my situation, but I reckon just pays to document this stuff just in case. You never know what these people are capable of. Just think ‘anti christ’, that is what they all seem to aspire to be. Totally dishonest, and deceptive, and highly organised.

Anyway, that ought to do it. The Media Whores website is getting up to 1000 visitors every 30 minutes according to the back end statistics, the front end ‘views’ are all hacked downwards each day. Its an Israeli company that owns the PHP software (please watch Brendon O’Connells work), so they do as they please, and they watch that site very closely. I am public enemy number one apparently, but they haven’t been able to stitch me up as yet, but I guess they will keep trying, or maybe even doctor some of their photos of me and make something up, or bring up some of this old stuff one day, like that “grey van” in West Auckland or something. Thus why I have written this – will send to some friends and family. Like an insurance policy. They own a lot of bars, hospo businesses and accommodation type businesses these people, anything that gives them a good spot to spy on the community. And rest assured they are spying on you, especially if you work in Government or are making money in your own business.

They do try to murder people as far as I can tell, and if they do, it will be on a specially chosen astrological date based on my birth chart, that’s how they role, in the occult, it is all based on astrology. Study Santos Bonacci to learn more – although he is a little bit stupid when it comes to real life matters and still thinks its “the Jesuits”. Lol. Satan has 1000 names, but rest assured, it is all the same synagogue.

This is the new reality we find ourselves in now in NZ, and across the West. If you study Santos Bonacci, Brendon O’Connell and Greg Hallett’s works, you will soon realise that this little inbred club have been at this game for a very long time, most likely since they came out of Babylon, only the technology has changed, but the system they run is the same. It’s a military intelligence operation that they run and rest assured they have a file on you. How big that file is depends purely on the nature of the work you do, and how much money you make.

To quote Greg Hallett, “New Zealand is a communist mafia dictatorship” – and its run by inbred / ‘satan’ worshpping / communist Jews folks. Mark my words. And organized child abuse and sodomy seems to be the glue that binds them. In fact more and more it is being described simply as a Global pedophile cult.  “God’s chosen people” – and their God is not who you think it is.


Some call it Marxism I call it Judaism.” —(Rabbi S. Wise, 1935)

Brendon O’Connell:


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