Crown Mafia Painstakingly Covering Up the Record $450M Northland Meth Haul


Featured Image – Soviet NZ’s Chief Justice – Jewish woman Sian Elias (possibly just an Alias) – sporting a red communist band across her shoulder –  alleged to be running the mafia in NZ, which includes the meth industry, and to order the assassination of journalists and authors who dare to speak out. Car accidents and poisoning are the preferred methods. 


(Watch as our views get wound back as it goes ‘viral’ this morning)

Restoring Justice to New Zealand starts with the arrest of Chief Justice Sian Elias

When a couple of Chinese foot solider meth traffickers are accidentally caught at the border with a pocket full of drugs by a customs official who has done his job properly, they are named almost immediately and their photos paraded in the newspapers. This is to help give the illusion that the Chinese are running the meth trade in NZ.

As NZ author Greg Hallett warned us some years back however (before chief justice Sian Elias tried to have him murdered, a few times, allegedly), it is in fact corrupt judges, ‘top’ criminal lawyers and their masonic top police that actually run the meth trade in NZ. It keeps them all employed and making millions out of Serco Inc  prison bonds (another story – but yes our slave bond / name holders all make money when they put you in jail).

Hallett’s allegations seem to be proven correct with the Crown’s current efforts to cover for those behind the record $450 million Northland meth haul, discovered by accident last year.

This much is coming in every month by the way – as we have previously covered. It is only one months supply for the Crown mafia.

Media Whores is no stranger to drugs and certainly no stooge, but we are not entirely convinced that one small group of inbred bastards should be making $500 million tax free every month out of the trade, while hard working honest Kiwis all labour under 60% net taxes, and while many of their sons and daughters are turned into crack whores for this same mafia and the gangs that they fund and run while playing them all off each other and narking on them.

This is referred to as “the war on drugs” and it is a hoax designed so that one small group of criminals can make all the money, and some argue also so they can get laid, given their obvious genetic challenges from hundreds of years of inbreeding. Our view is let people do with their bodies what they will, and chuck a tax on it to clean up any mess. People will soon figure out what works best for them, as proven in many countries that have done just that.

7 men have been arrested.

The first man put on trial has full name suppression – presumably for the same reasons as the Crown gives name suppression to businessmen caught with 6000 child sex images – um, to protect their victims…..

“A young man – his age is not being published to protect him – was yesterday sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment.

Not just his age is missing from this newspaper, anything that will identify him is prohibited.”

Oh no hang on, it is because there are “bigger fish to fry” – the mainstream media said so.

“The only man to plead guilty in connection with the country’s largest-ever meth bust has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.
The 19-year-old, who has name suppression, was one of seven people arrested, after nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of the class A drug was found in June.

And this from foreign bank/ Jewish owned Media Works – the same people who seemed to invent the Rollie Hoxie Heke police meth ‘shooting’ last month:

The 19-year-old was smartly dressed in a tie and suit and was emotionless in the dock as his sentence was handed down in the Whangarei High Court.
The court heard when he was arrested he was in possession of a large majority of the meth that was seized by police.
Through his lawyer Arthur Fairley he told the court he wanted the judge to know how “sorry he was”, and wanted to make “amends for his mistakes”.
Justice John Fogarty told the court had the P flooded the market it would have led to a huge level of harm, and unleashed “untold misery” on the community.”

And more recently from TVNZ:

“Superintendent Russell Le Prou says he is still not sure where today’s meth haul on Ninety Mile Beach has come from. 
Source: 1 NEWS
Ka Pip Wan was sentenced to 23 years in jail with a minimum non parole period of nine-and-a-half years. 
Wan, 26, was part of a group accused of importing 448kgs of methamphetamine.
Most of the meth was found in a campervan and buried in the sand dunes of Ninety Mile Beach in the Far North.
In June last year an abandoned boat found on the beach led police to the haul, worth $448 million.
Earlier this week, Amoki Matoto Fonua, 32, was sentenced to 22 years in jail.
There are four more men facing charges over the meth bust.”

TVNZ is careful there not to name any of the  criminal lawyers of judges involved.

No photos of any of them. They are all being ‘protected’ – for our own good.

Ask yourself – why when a couple of Chinese guys get busted at Auckland airport, are their names and faces all over the media almost immediately, yet when we have a ‘record’ $500 odd million haul, people get name suppression and their photos withheld?

You would think the people involved in both this bust and the actual trafficking would go down in NZ history, possibly even a book written about it, but instead we clearly see it is being quietly and steadily swept under the rug, as best as possible.

The first herald article seems to suggest that the first man was given leniency and blanket protection because he was providing information to catch the “bigger fish”, and yet what we have instead is a drip feed of the men caught at or near the scene, and none of the higher ups busted at all. The police haven’t even found out where the meth came from. Probably from Israel according to researcher Brendon O’Connell, or from the Chinese and Indian drug gangs they run (see video below), which would be politically incorrect to release in the media.

This is what you call a Crown cover up operation, being run by the Judges, on behalf of the Criminal Lawyers who actually run the meth trade in NZ, and only nark on, bust and lock up those whom they deem to be competition to themselves, or simply because they fancy their girlfriends or children.

Via Criminal Lawyer Winston Peter’s beaches it could be added.

And Media Whores would be willing to bet all of our sponsorship money that the $450 million of meth was back on the streets for sale within a few weeks, once it was photographed for the media.

Northland’s Top Cop Swapped Meth for SaltNZ Herald 

This entire Crown (cover up) operation is designed to make damn sure that those at the top do not get exposed or named. As per usual.

Crown agents import 95% of the meth, then they hand it over to the gang leaders and use corrupt freemason police officers and detectives to trace it right down through street level, databasing everyone’s cell phone records along the way. Then they hand pick a few people each month to bust and bring before the courts. Rest assured if you are in the business, the Jewish Soviets have a file on you and collect all of your data, ready to stitch you up if you start getting too cheeky.  It is a giant Soviet/ Jewish nark operation designed to help destroy and take over NZ from within. And Chief Justice Sian Elias oversees the entire business, according to Hallett.


“Winston Peters was a Heroin Trafficker with Peter Williams. Winston Peters girlfriend, Heeni Phillips, is now Peter Williams common law wife. Winston Peters and Peter Williams shared the same office in Tauranga, never practised law, and only practised Heroin Trafficking. Winston Peters bribes the National Party because he was also trafficking heroin with Prime Minister Rob Muldoon. Peter Williams extorts the National Party because he filmed the President of the National Party having sex with a minor in 2009 above the Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road. Peter Williams owns the building next door.” – Greg Hallett 


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