First ‘Murder’ Attempt on Media Whores


Featured Image – Chief Justice Sian Elias – said to be running the Jewish/ Soviet mafia in New Zealand and ordering the murders/ assassinations of those who speak out and expose them.


Yesterday/ Wednesday the 13th of September at around 1pm, someone tried to throw a rock through the front windscreen of Media Whores vehicle while it was driving down a motorway approaching Nelson at 100 km per hour.

There were no other vehicles close to us and so the rock was not kicked up by another vehicle. It had clearly been thrown from the bushes that line the motorway. We stopped but could not turn around to go back and look.

Apparently someone where we live is notifying the Sayanim/ Freemason gang when we leave home. Someone well positioned to keep an eye on things. Most likely a Mason or married to a Sayanim. And now guilty of attempted murder. They essentially work for NZ’s largest pedophile ring and they are lurking around in your community. Treasonous little creepy pedophile minders, selling their own country down the soviet communist drain.

The rock struck 2 inches below the windscreen and left a large dent, narrowly missing the windscreen and probably causing a serious accident.

Media Whores recalls a report of a man who was killed when someone threw a rock at his car from an Auckland motorway some years back – we can’t find the link, but there are other similar ones from overseas. People who do such should be charged with attempted murder if caught, and those involved in notifying them that the target is coming with attempted murder also.

NZ author Greg Hallett who first exposed chief justice Sian Elias as ordering murders on ‘political activists’ actually referred to them as “assassination attempts”. Technically that is what they are.

Or could it be associated with our recent articles on the Nick Smith MP alleged child sex ring in Nelson?

Either way, they are all part of the same sick club. Rest assured. And Sian Elias apparently gives the orders.

When we arrived home there was an email from a strange address with the subject heading “The Broken Car Company” – our reply bounced back. Hinting at the level of organization these Bolshevik criminals operate at. It is always made to look like an accident.

Stay tuned for the next one folks

There will be no justice in NZ, nor end to the endless Government cons, rip offs, taxation and crime until the alleged head of the Soviet/ Jewish snake, Chief Justice Sian Elias, is arrested and put on trial for her alleged role in the meth and heroin trafficking and attempted murder of those who expose them.

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