El – Saturn – Satan – the God of Judgment & War


Featured Image – Israeli Pm Benjamin Netanyahu arriving in Argentina on his jet, appropriately named “eL”. In fact “Yahoo” is derived from another Hebrew word for ‘Satan’, but those references are becoming hard to find, possibly mentioned in the vidoes below. Net and Yahoo/ Satan


Too much typing for a Saturn-day

Do the math.

To be honest, we couldn’t give a shit about any of this, if it weren’t for all the bullshit NZ is putting up with these days. There are clearly no solutions in the current left/ right paradigm and thus people tend to look further afield.

[Disclaimer – Media Whores has never met Satan, to the best of our knowledge, and is only going off what others are pointing out on line. We are supporters of anyone who is helping to keep the internet open and free, so it can be used as a tool to inform and awaken, with a view to improving the nation we live in.]

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