New Zealand is Now a Sodomocracy


Featured Image – Oddly enough if you Google “NZ Flag” you will get an image of one of the John the Serial Kiddie Fiddler Key designs. This one by ‘Kyle Lockwood’. The old flag is being slowly wiped off the map, much like the babyboomers are via the hospitals and rest ‘care’ camps. 

NZ has now become a Sodomocracy.

Yes, this is a new word, created by Media Whores just now, but rest assured there is a Hebrew / Biblical equivalent which is of course Sodom and Gomorrah. There is nothing new under the Sun and rest assured we have been through all of this before.

Our roads are buggered.

Our hospitals are buggered.

Our schools now teach the children fake climate change ‘science’, non stop holocaustianity, the new age Maori Holocaustianity and how best to become a transgender for the State. They are buggered.

Our tax system is really buggered, with the top 1-4% paying nothing and the workers all paying 60-70%

Our legal system is buggered with most judges now being sodomite club members themselves, specialising in name suppression for other sodomite club members.

The police are buggered, not even investigating the biggest leak of child abuse revelations in NZ’s short post colonial history, namely the Justin Davis Files

The privately run jails are buggered, with teenage inmates now being being buggered by their sodomite cell mates.

The food supply is buggered, with 95% of all foods laced with dangerous toxins designed to shut down your organs thus causing obesity and slowly kill you.

The water is buggered, with Glyocphate, 1080 and toxic cow urine seeping into it at every turn, then sodium fluoride added by the state for good measure. Now the sodomite State is even recommending we chlorinate it to make it ‘safe’ (pushed recently by Kathyrn Ryan on her sodomite death cult morning show)

And of course, most of the politicians are sodomites, the ones paid by us to doing the sodomizing, for their foreign bank sponsors.

NZ now has record debt, the highest child child abuse rates in the world (you can safely drop the word ‘developed’ now), the highest meth addiction rates, the highest suicide rates in the world, and one of the highest rates of toxic pharmaceutical drug use in the world.

We are buggered, up one side and down the other.

And still they expect you to vote for more of it.

This is of course because a small group of highly inbred sodomites are running the show, and buggering everyone else – for ‘God’. In fact they are even buggering themselves.

These inbreds suffer from a left brain /logic / materialist virus making them see nothing but dollar signs, as everything (including their own children and grand children) gets buggered around them. This is refereed to as the ‘reptilian’ side of the brain and they would be well suited to go live under rocks somewhere far far away from the general populace, with all of the other snakes and scorpions.

They come from a long line of sodomites who all started buggering their own children under Old Testament/ Talmudic Law and slipped into NZ’s borders some generations back, hidden among the hordes of honest and honorable colonial slaves – the same ones they now seek to blame for all of their incessant buggery.

Their children, who were all severely buggered in their youth, have now all grown up to a world full of fast cars and new age drugs designed to make buggering their friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and even their own children safer than it is has ever been, and emboldened even further by NZ’s sodomite judiciary offering them never ending protection.

Check this out, a NZ doctor given name suppression for sponsoring the abuse of over 3,800 children, to protect his own children – Radio NZ Biblical.

Far North teacher told to call police over dangerous students – Herald. 

And until these demonic, psychotic, parasitic and highly inbred blood line of sodomites are called out and exposed, the roads, hospitals, schools, child abuse and suicide rates will only continue to get worse.

The sodomite children of Saturn explained: 


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