The ‘Roman’ Phoenician Beak & Reptilian Brain


Featured Image – praise the Lord/ Satan Rothschild. Also depicted as Mr Burns from the Simpsons. They forgot the politicians in the above statement, also all owned by these phony Phoenicians. 


which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; 

“There is no Hebrew language, the Jews speak ancient Phoenician” – Trample on Snakes video below. 

While enjoying the rain over a coffee yesterday, Media Whores was contemplating the relevance of the shifting beady little eyes that we mentioned the other day, and the other big tell tale sign of these so called inbred ruling sodomites.

We went looking for images of Rothschild to check out his eyes. Jacob Rothschild is a fine example of that Phoenician beak at least, but could he have those shifty little beady eyes also?

One of the first references we came across (via Google images) was from a website we have quoted and referenced often, one of the most referenced in fact, which is Someone has done amazing work on that site putting together information and joining the dots. We had never noticed their reptile eye section before.

The work in reference to those reptile eyes is here:

Some of there images are below, but go visit the page to see them all, it is almost every ‘famous’ person you can think of – their eyes caught changing shape into a reptile iris. It is not unimaginable that those in Tel Aviv who control your Saturn-lite TV ‘programming’ have simply used CGI to do all of these, some kind of computer algorithm even, but what wouldn’t make sense is why they would want to ‘burn’ or expose so many of satan’s little helpers in doing so. This shit seems to be very real. Also the teeth, shot to buggery, and apparently changing shape.

Not sure if the beady eyed thing matches entirely with the examples above, but certainly the fast changing shape thing does, and the reptile shaped iris when it changes. Some argue they/this bloodline are a bit allergic to sunlight perhaps explaining part of this new age ‘the sun is going to kill you’ ball-shit. The snakes don’t like the sun, and so try to make avoiding it seem normal.

We also found this video on Youtube about one of the new generation/ climate change hoax Rothschilds – David Rothschild – this mad man is a total fraud with his fake climate change ball-shit, and his beady eyes have been caught on video changing into a reptile iris, check it out (Note, the climate is changing, but not because of carbon – as we have detailed many times, it is simply the sun in its new season Aquarius, changing human consciousness also, it will change everything eventually, and always has, thus why these lunatics are spraying the bloody thing over on sunny days). 

We also note that they don’t all have that Roman / Phoenician beak, usually on display on all the Khazar Jews, and certainly on old Jacob Rothschild shown above.

It is Khazar Jews that seem to own almost all of the global corporations these days, including the banks. That has been well documented on “The Zog” website, as mentioned a few times. They are clearly the ‘clan’ or tribe behind the global corporate plunder that all nations are suffering in this new fake age. There is record inequality the world over as these parasites suck the blood/ resources out of nations, with their ‘record profits’ and tax free status, and always pushing their fake climate change science and fake war of terror on us all as they do so. Aided of course by their army of fake politicians, most of whom appear to be child sex abusers and drug addicts being bribed. NZ for one has been turned into a  giant farm, with 1000’s of trucks ruining our roads all day and night as they ship all of our resources and best foods out of here to wealthier overseas markets – all for the Rothschild banks, and some chump change tossed to our demoniacally possessed dairy farmers, most of whom are heavily indebted to Rothschild banks. Debt is an accurate measure of how many Rothschild demons you literally have crawling around inside your rectum, and a house and car that you can’t afford. Explaining the surge in anal cancers these days, and the demonic agenda to go pay a doctor to put his hand up your bum, or some sort of medi-kill tool. Dairy farmers, their truck drivers and corporate types are indeed dropping like flies. Rothschild debt up the whazoo.


The Nazi Phoenix – symbol of the phony Phoenicians, who control your phonetics (via political correctness – and on line ‘spell’ checkers) . They destroy the old to create the new. Like the Nazis setting fire to the Reichstags , or like Nick Smith with NZ’s rivers. 


Zionism is Nazism, is Globalism is Capitalism, and its the same phony inbred Phoenicians behind all of it. 

Below are a few photos that we have used (and referenced) earlier that seem to sport that Phoenician like beak. We in no way claim here that all of these people are part of any sort of demonic/ reptilian/ blood drinking/ vampiristic blood line – that would be ridiculous – but use them simply to highlight what we mean about that Phoenician beak. Fair use/ social commentary/ public interest/ education. 

We might add to that actually, one of the biggest Phoenician like beaks we have seen in a long time, the dude that runs or owns the Black and White Pub in Westport, often now referred to as Methport. They create a really creepy nasally sound when they speak, kind of like the nose is an organ of it’s own and not actually part of the breathing system. Often looks like a weapon, or like someone in the distant family got surprised one night in their sleep by an overly keen eagle.

Media Whores once spoke to a once glamorous woman who claimed she was married to one, and it was like having sex with a cold dead snake. Makes sense. She would use the fine wine, drugs and credit cards on offer to make it all worth while.  Well, except for the soul being slowly sucked out of her. Perhaps this is why these inbreds always seem to be linked to the meth and heroin, as they were said to be in Nazi Germany also. Its the only way they can ever get laid.

Perhaps what we are really asking here is, is there any link between the ‘Roman’/ Phoenician nose, the shape shifting eyes, the Khazar/ fake Jew bloodline, and all of the none stop rape plunder, buggery and child abuse that we see going on these days?

One thing is clear, these inbred snakes leave their “666” and “13” symbolism everywhere they go, along with the record drug addiction and child abuse.

A few randomly selected videos on beady eyes, Phoenician beaks, and buggery. Please note – not necessarily directly related to any or all of the people or topics we have raised above:

Sean Hross on the Pharaonic / Phoenician / Parasitic blood line :



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