Judith Collins MP on the Heroin – being Passed Around Chinese Communist Party Officials


Featured Image – Rothschild Communist New World Order stooge, Judith ‘Judice’ Collins MP.


Following on from our previous article, as we often do, Media Whores wanted to ask Judith ‘Judice’ Collins about allegations that heroin, meth and pedophilia are being used to control Western democracies these days as the Rothschild/ ‘Jewish’ bankers break down Western democracies and their manufacturing and industrial bases so that they can be more easily collapsed and folded into their planned Communist New World Order run from Israel, with a compliant microchipped ‘Goy’ population.

Not to mention the recent revelations that the Rothschild controlled Chinese Communists are now using some of the NZ dairy farms they have been sold to test military weapons and technology. And that the National list MP Jian Yang is a Chinese Communist party trained military spy.

Unfortunately Judice Collins, who is actually married to a wealthy Communist Party supporter, was away on a private junket said to be worth over $100,000, with a whole bunch of Chinese Communist Party officials.

We did hear her back on air recently though, in her slow heroine monotone, helping cover up the Synagogue’s pre election Ruakaka fuel pipeline false flag, so we will try and get her comments again soon.

In the meantime, let’s post the evidence anyway.

[Please keep in mind that it was Labour who signed over most of our assets to the Rothschild controlled Chinese Communist Party under their ‘free trade agreement’, and simply National who have been implementing it all. They all work for the same Rothschild bankers after all, chasing that $nake. Oh yeah, and the heroin is said to be being passed around the communist party officials also, usually via diplomatic parcels, and at expense private junkets, often held at Sky City – in case that headline was at all misleading]

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