Kiwi Father Sets Himself On Fire to Protest the Pedophile Family Court


Watch the mainstream media lunatics down play this one.

If the politicians were actually human, they would cancel the fkn election.

This is a first for the new Rothschild (the so called King of the Jews) Communist New Zealand.

Man sets himself on fire outside NZ parliament in Family Court Protest

Media Whores had to take a walk outside before posting this. Horrific.

It was author Greg Hallett who first claimed that the NZ Family Court is run by pedophiles, for pedophiles. Many of the Kiwi fathers affected would probably argue they should all be rounded up and burned at the stake. In fact many do on Facebook. How would you feel if your kids were kidnapped off you by the largest known pedophile ring in New Zealand ie) the NZ Government. Anyone worth a grain of salt would go to war.

And we have previously reported on allegations that kids are even being kidnapped to order by Child Youth and Family (now called the Ministry for Vulnerable Children, to help cover up their previous serial pedophilia), often then pimped out to pedophile families involved in organised pedophile rings, with the same NZ judges giving them all name suppression if caught, and the senior masonic NZ police covering up allegations of organized ‘elite’ pedophile rings as well.

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A senior doctor who viewed child pornography over 14 years has been struck off but granted permanent name suppression for the sake of his children.

The man, who was employed as a medical officer and clinical leader at a public hospital, came under investigation after Customs officials found more than 3800 deleted images on a laptop after his return from a family holiday in 2013. – Radio NZ

“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images – no conviction/ name suppression”

‘I think he’s killed the kids,’ screamed Dunedin mum as she fled armed ex – Stuff

This is your new Communist/ Rothschild ‘Jewish’ elite reality NZ. Government funded and sponsored professional kiddie fiddlers forcing Kiwi fathers into suicide, even shooting their own kids, and the Judiciary still giving pedophiles name suppression.

How you liking it?

This Kiwi father is now fighting for his life in a hospital. He did it out of desperation and to draw attention to the Family Court.

Thus we will do.

First a couple of videos of NZ’s ‘crime fighting’ professional pedophile enforcer police kidnapping kids for their pedophile employers:

Here is the Eastern European (probably ‘Jewish’) woman running the NZ Justice system – chief justice Sian Elias. Running the whole Soviet/ Communist show. Head of the snake…also said to be married to a serial pedophile – see video below.


Children’s Commissioner is Judge Andrew Becroft – helping to cover up the largest leak of pedophile rings in NZ’s history, the Justin Davis Files. Look at him. If you saw him at a park you would call the cops. And what is up with these people’s teeth? On $150,000+ per annum, plus ‘bonuses’ and apparently can’t afford a dentist.


“His Honour” Judge Laurence Ryan – Principal Family Court Judge. One wonders how many Kiwi fathers would prefer this man was the one set on fire?


And a few more:

National Executive Judge Colin Doherty

National Executive Judge Colin Doherty

Chief Judge Jan-Marie Doogue

Chief Judge Jan-Marie Doogue


Principal Youth Court Judge John Walker

Images –


Minister for Vulnerable Children – the extremely negligent and arguably complicit, Anne Tolley 

If the Justin Davis Files remain uninvestigated – in fact deliberately ignored – then is it safe to assume that all of the above are conspiring to cover up the alleged ‘elite’ pedophile ring in NZ? And would it be a stretch to go one step further and reasonably presume it is because they are all part of that same alleged pedophile ring? In fact let’s be more specific, are these Judges and Ministers directly involved in the organized child sex trafficking, pedophilia and child pornography rings alleged to be operating in NZ, under the full protection of senior Masonic NZ police and Judges?

One also wonders how many of them are Freemasons, or claim to be ‘Jewish’? Not that we wish to be politically incorrect, but seems to be a common theme….

Many of these ‘elites’ are regulars on Radio NZ also we note, Radio NZ obviously run by the same ‘club’ and no doubt riddled with them also.

“When prosecution orders came into force in July 1996, the suicides of separated fathers leapt to 4.6 times the national average. There is now a separated father or son suicide every working day of the year due to the Family Court’s gender bias”  Are You My Father? The Family Court and Other Experiments – Greg Hallett


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