Steven Joyce on the Heroin, Hookers and Pedophilia


Featured Image – arguably the biggest rat of them all – Steven Joyce.


With the avalanche of evidence and allegations that NZ and other Western democracies are being sold out by the Rothschild bankers to their Chinese Communist Party puppets by bribing heroin addicts, pedophiles and otherwise perverted drug addicts into all top positions of power, Media Whores thought it was high time we did a post on Steven Joyce – arguably the biggest rat of them all.

Not to mention the recent revelations that the Rothschild controlled Chinese Communists are now using some of the NZ dairy farms they have been sold to test military weapons and technology. And that the National list MP Jian Yang is a Chinese Communist party trained military spy.

Steven Joyce has unfortunately been a little hard to locate and talk to – so here is the evidence anyway:

{Please keep in mind that it was Labour who signed over most of our assets to the Rothschild controlled Chinese Communist Party under their ‘free trade agreement’, and simply National who have been implementing it all. They all work for the same Rothschild bankers after all, chasing that $nake)

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff accused of treason for selling NZ and Auckland out to the Rothschild owned Chinese Communist Party 


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