Media Whores Weather


Featured Image – TVNZ weather douche, Dan Corbett. Possibly another satanist. Did anyone check his background before he fled the UK?


And now for the weather…

Stand up, walk three steps, look out your window.

If still in any doubt, maybe open the door and step outside for a few seconds and sniff the air with your nose (one of it’s primary uses).

Thanks for listening.

If everybody did this, we could fire another MP or so, and wipe another 5% off your tax bill.

Please note that you are living on a magic gravity ball, because the image below from NASA says so, although there are actually no stars in the ‘space’ to the right side, because they take far too long to edit in and smart ass astrologers are always pointing out that they have been added in the wrong places at the wrong times. 


Sam Wallace – another overpaid wally & professional dole bludger. 

And now a message from our sponsor.


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