The Mexico Earthquake Hoax


Featured Image – the moment the demolition explosives went off on this particular building. Just like Building 7 on 911.


As per usual, wait a few days, then type in the event name, add the word “hoax” – and watch all the real evidence.

There may or not have been an actual earthquake in Mexico the other day – if there was it was triggered deliberately – but one thing is for sure, the Masons and their secret Synagogue / Satanic masters rigged some buildings for demolition prior to the quake. Which takes days. For maximum tel-a-lie-vision effect, for Tel Aviv.

Other video shows commercial office building lights swaying, while nothing else inside the room is swaying at all. The computers just sit there, peacefully. Bit like those magic clouds in the sky as we all hurtle around through ‘space’ at a gazillion miles per hour each day.

The fake Jews are manufacturing their whole Biblical end times script, that they wrote, using advanced technology, from their fake ‘holy land’ command centre, aptly named after their fake God, Satan/ Saturn/ eL. They have bribed all of their Free Mason kiddie fiddler leaders across the West to pass gay marriage laws, help traffic huge amounts of drugs into their nations and use the media (and porn) companies they also own and control to promote a constant stream of debauchery upon the masses…..and now they plan to “judge” us all. The self appointed God of judgment and war.

They are, in short, a bunch of highly inbred demonic freaks and lunatics, yet still we allow them to dictate to us via the news each night, and even put their little satanic kiddie fiddler logos up around our towns and cities.

These guys below sat there for a few minutes filming the exact spot where a building was about to collapse, while the camera itself does not even shake, nor the ground, nor surrounding objects and buildings. Watch the flashes go off as the explosives are set off.

These Sayanim and Free Mason freaks are positioned in all of our communities, being paid, working in media, government and the councils, abusing children and awaiting further instruction, from their fake ‘God’.

The Greeks used to round them all up and do ceremonious BBQ’s, before they could make trouble – in mythology at least, Media Whores in no way condones the sort of violence they do to us. Not with ‘digital harm’ laws of 2 years in jail at least.

Mexican officials now say trapped girl never existed – New York Post

Office ceiling swaying, nothing else is admittedly he starts flipping out Alex Jones styles, but makes a good point.

Mexican Masons / Government suspend earthquake alarms before the big drill

Recent fake hurricane footage from Nasa

And perhaps one old classic for good measure….

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