2017 NZ Elitecon Results


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www.theprotestvote.org.nz (still running – and being hacked) 

Official results from the 2017 Rothschild / Foreign bank elite-con:

There was no result.

And the Secret Synagogue will now decide who will be your government, using a behind closed doors process of bribery, extortion and otherwise criminal behavior.

This total hijacking and loss of your democracy was given the trendy liberal name of “MMP” – which actually stands for “Mixed up Members all on the P” – but people believe it is progress anyway, because their tell-a-lie-visions and Radio NZ told them so.

NZ’s highly inbred and demonic political puppets were all treated to a months long party up and down the Nation, culminating in a massive party for all on the Saturn-day night, most of which was funded by you.

Some numbers were made up as per usual to make it all look legit and respectable, but the most important number of all, namely how much the entire Roman/ Rothschild circus actually cost tax payers, seems to be a little illusive. Media Whores has crunched some numbers that popped into our head and puts it at $250 million, including the paper work for the army of communist Rothschild bureaucrats yet to be completed, another $500 million in minor law changes and their implementation (depending on the outcome of the coming extortion and bribery processes), plus another $250 million in associated wasted resources, such as salaries for the army of Rothschild sponsored media whores, their wardrobes, travel, and champagne. It would have been far more but technically, the amount spent on meth, heroin, hookers, coke and cash payment bribes for anyone that was hurt, don’t count.

In the meantime, every government department in NZ remains very much broken and dysfunctional, as per design, same as it was in Rothschild controlled Soviet Russia, and no doubt now doomed to get even worse.

This entire ‘democratic’ hoax could of course be put on line for the grand one off cost of under $10,000 using off-the-shelf software not too dissimilar to how Jewish owned and Israeli hacked Facebook works, then just $75 /month to run it all (including an SSL security certificate), providing Kiwis with ongoing direct and accountable democracy every day of the week, but nobody will dare even suggest it because the state wouldn’t get to spend the $1 billion above on themselves every three years. The tax payer funded GCSB would actually need to start doing the job they pretend to be doing of course, which is to protect NZ and its internet from the Israeli/ Soviet/ Jewish hackers, as opposed to working directly and indirectly with them to spy on and harass those who start getting at the truth.

They have given you on line banking (so they can save money and spy on your better), on line tax returns (so they can harvest your money better on Jewish Passover each year), they have even given you Trade Me, so you can better sell off your unwanted shit, but damned if they will even consider giving you an on line democracy with NO corrupt politicians, as that would spoil the entire illusion almost overnight and insure the people actually had a say. Not to mention putting an estimated 30,000 professional liars in media and politics out of work.



These people are NOT ‘leaders’.

We look forward to doing it all again, at your expense, next time.

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