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Featured Image – Coromandel Sunrise – “Good for the soul”. Could the ‘Solar’ actually be good for your Soul? No way…..


Hands up who can feel a sense of calm in the air?

This is of course because the Rothschild politicians are all on a well deserved break, after their two month ‘Party’ up and down the Nation, at your expense. They will resume their duties of terrorising us all around October 9th, once the annual Jewish ‘High Holiday’ season is over. This has been painted up as “negotiations” when in fact it is simply the Jewish New Year, following on from the biggest astrological event in 7000 years (some say), namely Jupiter in Virgo with the “moon at her feet” on the 23rd September 2017. Or Revelations 12 in the astrological hand book – the second book of Babylon – the Bible.

The so called ‘elites’ (a politically correct term) run a counterfeit system for their stock / the sheep/ cattle, over top of the de jure system of creation that we all live in. They play out and stage scenes designed to replicate or mimic what is happening in the stars above, the so called Universal Law of “As Above So Below”, so as to keep the “Goy” all distracted, entertained and terrorised, so they can continue to rob us all blind ad infinitum, generation after generation, down through the ages.

And it is a master stroke to make up a ‘hung’ government on the very first day of the Jewish High Holiday season, so that they can all take the next 2 weeks off, as per Rothschild and the Secret Synagogue’s instruction.

Winston Peters playing his part to perfection. Could almost feel sorry for the guy really – worth many millions but still being made to trot out in public and pretend to be angry at everyone, at age 72. A ‘Trump’ card many years in the making / coming. The doctrine of the coming one, as we have previously well covered.

In fact, they have even reported that the “King Maker”, ie, your King, the Maker, will rise from his “Bolt Hole” somewhere up North any day soon. The original / Biblical ‘bolt hole’ shown below. Peters being born April 11th 1945, making him a Pisces, which is ruled over by Jupiter/ the Jew Peter, and 72 being a reference to the 72 apostles of the Bible, 72 ‘virgins’ in the Quaran, which both represent the 72 years of each 1 degree shift of the zodiac above us, there being 360 x 72 years in every ‘Great Year’ of 25,920 years, or what we have all now been trained to refer to as “climate change”, thanks to Al Gore’s allegory.

Pure poetry – gotta give them that.


The so called ‘Goy’ still demand their external savior, and so another Rothschild savior you will get. Kiwis will remain divided and continue to fight it out among themselves as the Rothschild banks and corporations that fund all of the politicians and screw us all, continue to have free reign, as chosen of course, by their somewhat racist ‘god’.

We have once again been elite-conned. Here is a very simple test – someone ask JuPeter, quite simply, will he be taking the sodium fluoride/ rat poison out of the water? And you will have your answer. You will know them by their deeds, not their words. If he does, we will be the first to sing his praises.

And could Winston Peters actually be another Rothschild inbred/ illegitimate, just like John Key?  Well, Ian Wishart wrote a book on his family and life, which is suggestive of an official cover up.


Sadly, we live under a system of mass hypnosis, perhaps no better illustrated than with the picture above (as below) of the rising sun each day, a narrow band of light which illuminates only the clouds and water close to it, but not the rest of the sky as it does just a few hours later in the peak afternoons, yet the public all still believe the Sun is “93 million miles” away from them, because their TV sets, NASA and the history books all told them so. Mass hypnosis, over their own common sense. At its very worst, these are the same people who all queue up for chemotherapy when they are told they have “cancer”, certainly one of the nastier hoaxes this lot are pulling.


Sunrise – it ain’t rocket science folks. It is just simple common sense. Which you were born with, then they gave you an education and a big boy screen TV with non stop neatflix fantasy sex. Group Think, hook line and sinker. 

For those who are interested in at least the possibility that we are all in a hypnotic dream like state as we are farmed like cattle, just start watching that Sun each day as he/she rises and sets – you will soon figure it out. It is ‘the source’ of all things after all. Not least your soul. Even the birds have figured that one out, and dedicate the start and end of each day to it. In fact they sing to it.

It should be made into a family board game. Get pen and paper and take turns trying to figure out how that light in the sky can be 90 odd million miles away. Then try the shadow on the Moon. The harder you try, the worse it will get.




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