The Burning Man


Featured Image – from the annual Burning Man festival / ritual/ reich in the US


The article MW’s posted about the man sitting himself on fire outside parliament has hit 28,000 views in a  week.

And yet apparently none of those readers decided to click on any of the other front page articles – despite their catchy headlines.

Odd isn’t it?

We are actually getting around 1000 visitors every hour according to the back end hosting raw data/ IP records, yet the powers that be (and hack the internet and spy on you via your ‘smart’ phones) hand pick only a few articles that they apparently want everyone to see. Or who they want to burn, if you will.

A couple other examples that spring to mind are the article about Paula Bennett when she voted down tighter gun controls (and good on her), and the article about Hilary Clinton earthquake ‘advanced warning’ emails as she ran for US Presidencess.

The media has named the man who they claimed set himself on fire at parliament last week.

One wonders if there were any independent witnesses, also why no cell phone video has emerged on the internet, of before, during or after.

Not calling hoax on it as yet, but we have learned that when one article is allowed to ‘run’ at normal view rate, there is usually some sort of agenda at play. If that agenda was the ‘truth’ or freedom of information, right or wrong, then all of our articles would be allowed to ‘run’.

Some very fake looking photos below of the man said to have run into the flames at the recent Burning Man concert in the US earlier this month also. And a fake ambulance.

Possibly some sort of ‘burning man’ allegory running ? The final burning of our parliamentary democracy on the 23rd? Replaced with a ‘King’ maker. A black suited Rothschild $$ king maker no less, straight out of the Bar Association.

Things sliding in all directions, becoming difficult to measure.

Rest assured their ‘Phoenix’ will rise out of the ashes they create once again, and make itself seen.

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