Texans Being Put in FEMA Camps


Well, it has been predicted for a while.

It will start out nice and slow like this – FEMA just providing 271,000 Texans with some ‘temporary housing’.


But here is the end goal:


With microchips provided by Jared ‘Kosher’ Kushner and his partners.

It will be done using HAARP/ Chemtrail weather modification, plus a little NASA cgi magic, and Israel’s kill switches on all Western infrastructure. Yes including NZ’s, our electricity grid, train lines and hydro dams to name a few obvious ones. The EFTPOS system another. That is of course how they did Fukashima – blew it up from the safety of the Middle East via explosives placed in the ‘security camera’ systems. Which of course also means the subsequent Tsunami was triggered also. They simply drop high powered explosives into the nearest offshore trench or fault line. Just think ChCh & Kaikoura Earthquakes, with Hilary Clinton’s advanced warning emails and all of those land deals around Rolleston and Pegasus Bay in the lead up.


Our King Maker, Winston Peters will go along with it all of course – he has so far – compromised right up the whazoo no doubt, like the rest of them.

Media Works and Netflix have been subtly programming the fluoridated big screen addicts that the chip is cool, so most of the chemically retarded corporate types will dutifully queue up for one. Real estate agents will be the first to sign up.

Our research suggests up to 90% of Kiwis are now clinically retarded due to their TV, smart phone and media addictions. Perhaps the good news is that 1 in 10 aren’t.

Our guess is that by the time the West has been completely destroyed, with the remaining people all microchipped, the history books will start reporting that “6 million Jews” were murdered. That will be the official story at least. Along with 200-300 million odd others, somewhere in the footnotes.

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