7 Signs New Zealand has been Taken Over by Communists…


Featured Image – the Communist Star. You will see these stars popping up all over NZ now, usually with some red in them somewhere, or just the Secret Synagogue (SS) standard black…..Take a look around your City for it, they are popping up everywhere. Along with 6 sided hexagons and hexagrams, said to be the other ‘wing’ or military arm of the same bird. 


By the time Communism had murdered 100 or 200 hundred million people around the World, mostly in China and Russia, it had quite a bad name. So the same inbred banking families that created Communism changed the name to Capitalism instead and started over.

Its been many decades in the making, but when a small group of drawling inbreds control the money supply of the Nations they infiltrate and invade, the result is always the same – a small click or ‘club’ of highly inbred and demonic ‘elites’ own everything, report never ending record profits for themselves, and the vast majority of slaves get to fight it out over what’s left.

Is this the situation NZ now finds itself in? Here are some simple signs:

  1. Never seen before inequality.
  2. Growing homelessness.
  3. The elites/ inbreds flooding the nation with drugs – a primary means of control.
  4. More and more degradation and debauchery being pushed upon the weary tax payers – designed to demoralise and weaken them. eg) Netflix, Sky TV and Media Works.
  5. Non stop Government scandals but everyone keeps their jobs anyway.
  6. More and more corrupt rulings by a compromised and corrupt judiciary, as the ruling inbreds get away with murder and are awarded name suppression for their incessant/almost religious sexual abuse and pedophilia.
  7. The public all labouring under 60-70% net taxes as the ruling inbred elites all go relatively tax free and make more and more money – usually all passive income via investments without actually adding any value to the economy.

Ring any bells?

Anybody who has been through the NZ  ‘education’ system would find it very uncomfortable to learn that these were the sort of problems that the Weimar Republic of Germany faced prior to WWII. We won the war after all right? So why haven’t such problems gone away?

The Germans did of course just come straight out and blame the Jews. That is no secret.

“It makes no difference if the Jew conceals himself as a Bolshevist or a plutocrat, a Freemason or uses some other form of concealment, or even appears without any mask at all: he always remains the same. He is the one who so agitated and spiritually influenced the peoples that stand against us today such that they have become more or less spineless tools of International Jewry.”  – German “Propaganda” 

Perhaps a valid question would be – are the Jews just continuously set up and framed like this over and over throughout history, or are they indeed what many have claimed they are?

Our opinion is simply that concepts such as “political correctness” take a distant second place to actually discussing and then addressing the problems we see in NZ today. Namely, the rapid degradation of our values, even our roads and environment, and the lack of equality in opportunity and justice.


Lone Star Restaurants NZ – just a coincidence? Over priced slop for the trendy new age liberal corporate fourth reich communist Goy foot soldiers. 



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