Lawful Disclaimer re Copyright


Media Whores just went to use the image above in our previous article and realised not only has the original image been removed from Google images, but that the link we added to the pic the first time we used it has also been removed from our website. Media Whores has been very careful to reference any and all images we have used. These guys are now going back and removing them from old articles on our website manually. Also changing the spelling on some words we have noticed, to make things look messy and (more) unprofessional.

Operation Talpiot ? Xero’s Rod Drury Named in the Justin Davis Files

This could of course set up Media Whores for a lawsuit by Xero and Rod Drury for copyright breach. Drury would like to see Media Whores shut down no doubt, given we have exposed his name in the Justin Davis Files a few times. Also his active role in recent Jewish immigration into NZ.

So they can hack your website (which we have well established) then remove links to images, then remove that image from Google, and sue you for copyright.


This is called Operation Talpiot. With extradition to Israel for copyright breach coming soon no doubt.

We are ALL sitting ducks in this digital New World Order run from Israel and Rothschild patented chips.

Lawful Disclaimer – Media Whores can take no legal responsibility for Israeli/ Soviet/ Jewish hacking and modification of our website via the PHP software they own and control, nor by any others means yet unearthed, until a full and independent  investigation into Operation Talpiot has taken place, as well as an investigation into Israeli/ Jewish control of the NSA and our very own GCSB whose job it is/ or should be, to protect NZ’s from such unlawful/ criminal hacking and associated activity. 

Found a similar one – but the original has gone

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