Nick Smith & the Debt Collectors – Mathieu ‘Mat’ Holt from TPS Tenancy Credit Control


Featured Image – Mathieu ‘Mat’ Holt from Tenancy TPS Credit Control, taken from his public Facebook page. Fair use/ commentary. If you find this image disturbing, then ask yourself why is it posted on this man’s public Facebook page for the entire World to see? A naked kid running around the backyard, sure, but lounging around naked in his bedroom? What is our society becoming? Are they all under some kind of sick Media Works induced mind control? Is this now how you make ‘friends’ on Facebook? These new age corporate ‘liberals’ need to be called out in our humble opinion.

(Warning : some legal jargon follows – and some opinions)

Media Whores has previously reported on allegations that the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal appeared to be helping to cover up the Nick Smith MP Nelson child abuse ring allegations. 

The court awarded $8,000 to a Chinese Communist Party previous associate by the name of Peter Lin on the basis that his central Hamilton apartment was left empty for 7 months, at the height of the housing crisis in 2015.

It is alleged that they ignored all of the respondent’s evidence and acted corruptly on behalf of MP Nick Smith to unlawfully persecute the man in question because he had quoted the Nick Smith MP child abuse ring allegations on line, also in his home town.

The Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal then refused to provide transcripts for the hearing, as required by law, presumably to also help cover up the statements made in the hearing about his alleged child abuse.

The respondent could therefore not prepare an appeal to the District Court, as afforded by law, thus rendering the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal ruling unlawful, null and very much void. In fact, they should be sued for damages.

True to form however, in our new Soviet/ Talmudic / corporate police state, the $8,000 was apparently on sold to a debt collector, who has proceeded to harass, defame and breach the privacy of the man in question (the victim).

The debt has no lawful basis, it is null and void. And the debt collection thugs had been previously notified of such.

Yesterday the man received a number of texts from the man shown above, Mathieu ‘Mat’ Holt from TPS Credit Control, who was asked to cease and desist, but then continued to text a further 8 times throughout the afternoon, making personal insults.

Perhaps more concerning however, is the fact that Mathieu ‘Mat’ Holt from TPS Credit Control, and his business partner Craeg Williams, have shown no concern whatsoever in the actual allegations that their Housing Minister Nick Smith MP is running a child abuse ring in Nelson.

We went looking for Mathieu ‘Mat’ Holt from TPS Credit Control and found the image above on his publicly available photos.

Media Whores has covered up the image. If the image upsets you for any reason – then ask yourself why it would be posted on Facebook full public display to begin with. Then go back and check how many Kiwi kids are living in cold damp housing, while those making all the money out of the housing investment/ rental market are all posting naked photos of children on line, in very well heated and designed homes.

What is wrong with these people? When did it become normal to post naked photos of children all over your publicly available Facebook page? Did Netflix say it was trendy? Media Works certainly does. Perhaps Mat Holt is a big fan of their comedians? Is it all just one big club? Could they all be related to each other?

Houston to the King (your Maker) – we have some serious problems here down under.

The septic worship of the $nake, at any cost.

Good journalism will be trying to uncover and expose any possible corruption in the housing market, so we can sort it out. And opinions are warranted.

We include some third party allegations below that this is how Western politics is being run these days. Sad state of affairs – not necessarily all related, to each other.

Peter Lin, Plan Investments Ltd

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