Election 2017 Highlights – Nelson ‘Elites’ Shut Down Nick Smith Child Abuse Protest



While we all wait to find out which gang of Rothschild compromised criminals and perverts will gang up together to fluoridate our water, chemtrail our skies, abuse our children, sell us off to the Chinese Communist Party, and otherwise rob, cheat and steal from us all for another political term, Media Whores thought we would take a look back at the Election 2017 highlights.

This story floating around the inter-net/ web/ virtual prison is one of our favorites.

A lone man down in Nelson parks his vehicle on the very busy/ congested State Highway 6 between Nelson and Tahunanui, in the week before the election, with a sign on the back saying “Nick Smith Child Abuse – Google it”.

And the shit hits the fan. We can learn the most when the shit hits the fan, because the operators are flushed out of their hiding places and briefly lose their cover.

This was between the hours of 3pm and 5.30pm on a Friday afternoon. Locals have said this was the first time that traffic flowed freely down that stretch of road at that time of day for over 2 years – suggesting/ or proving that the Nelson Council have a ‘switch’ they can use to back up traffic down SH6 whenever they please, which is most days, but not when a man is parked there with a sign exposing local MP Nick Smith’s child abuse obviously. In fact our entire traffic light system in NZ is now run with Israeli/ Soviet controlled and hacked software which gives Councils the ability to cause traffic jams where ever they please. This is what they are doing with this part of SH6 so they can convince the public to support a new $150 million bypass project – being pushed by Nick Smith oddly enough.

This stretch of road was full of political billboards leading up to the Sept 23rd election, with messages from all parties right along this stretch of ocean side SH6. It was election season, and this man had every right to position his vehicle here with this sign. The local Nelson newspapers had also recently reported that 100’s of Nelson children are now living in cold damp housing and getting ill, which is of course child abuse. Given Nick Smith MP is the Housing Minister and has been since this problem was created by his Government, the sign itself makes perfect sense and is a very suitable political protest message.

What happened in the 3 hours that the man was there protesting however, could be likened to a scene from Soviet Russia, or Red China. There will apparently be no real political debate thank you, only through the authorised channels please.

First, a fat old frumpy looking lady showed up in her brand new ‘elite’ / late model Audi, with a younger blond hench woman and parked behind the man’s vehicle. They got out and strutted past a couple times like mentally ill ducks. Then they called the police and Sergeant Curry showed up, poking his nose in the window to harass the man, which he had no business doing at all.

This is symptomatic of a soviet/ communist styled police state in which the ‘elites’ use the police to harass and persecute anyone who tries to raise awareness of the corruption we are all now putting up with.

Sergeant Curry, who was engaging in the crime of harassment as well as abuse of police powers, while in uniform, told the man the sign was “offensive” and asked the man for his name – which he had no lawful right to do, and was duly told to bugger off, which to his credit he then did.

The obvious question is – why did these two wealthy ‘elites’ and their corrupt policeman (acting as a private henchman) think the sign was “offensive”? Presumably they read the papers and know that 100’s of Nelson kids are living in poverty and cold damp housing these days? It is also not for them to decide if something is offensive – who do they think they are? Are they all above the law?

Is it reasonable to presume that they knew about the other Nick Smith MP child abuse allegations made by Justin Davis – which we repost below?

“Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful p#$%^&*&^ls in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?”

– Justin Davis

And if “the pedophiles’ have the police in their pockets as Justin Davis alleges – is it possible that the two women in the Audi are part of that club and arranged to have a publicly paid and sworn officer in uniform come down to try and break up a completely reasonable, peaceful and lawful political protest in the lead up to the election? This is a serious crime if so – abusing police powers for political purposes, namely to restrict our democratic rights, if not to help cover up child abuse allegations.

At least Sergeant Curry backed off when it was explained to him that he was breaking the law.

Then the next henchman showed up in a brand new / late model 4wd, with his partner driving. He came up and yelled some abuse in the window also – again engaging in unlawful harassment. Admittedly this old fool looks more like a thick Rothschild owned dairy farmer than an ‘elite’ and we should stress here that we have seen no evidence that any of these people are involved with the ‘elite’ “pedophiles” that Justin Davis talks of, but one has to ask, why were they all so upset and excited? Even prepared to break the law and engaging in harassment in a desperate attempt to get the sign off the road. And attacking our democratic rights in NZ in the process. Could they all be involved? None of them had any right to come and abuse the man, or tell him the sign was “offensive” (that would be for a judge or dury to decide only), nor demand he take the sign down.

A few other spooks parked up and did creepy walk by’s also – but they were not photographed apparently.

Then at around 5.30 pm, the man below showed up, possibly a Nelson detective, sneaked up behind the van, ripped the sign off the back, then actually stole it and took off back to his car. The man’s sign was ruined in the process. So this Nelson policeman was so upset by a lawful// peaceful protest about Nick Smith’s child abuse, that he was willing to engage in vandalism, theft and willful damage, all while posing as a cop? In the video you hear him say “Do you want to give me your name” and “I will call a squad”. So this cop broke the law a number of times, then still had the nerve to try and invoke his powers as a policeman? Total lawlessness.

First a few more ‘creepy’ weird stories involving Nick Smith MP – who by any serious analysis, is a total little mafia boy, if not a raving lunatic.



Nick Smith convicted in Civic Crache child sex abuse case 

PM to look into dodgy Nick Smith payments to a friend

Nick Smith pays $100,000 to a Nelson woman for her daughter 

And that folks, is a fairly accurate portrayal of where NZ’s democracy is now apparently at. And should help explain the housing crisis, as well as most of our traffic problems. These people have no respect for our laws and seem to think we are their slaves. So what else do you think they might be up to in our communities?




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