Las Vegas Shooting Hoax – with Gayon Espionage


Featured Image – Guyon Espiner / Gayon Espionage – paid by NZ tax payers to push all of the lies and deceit. Terrorizing the NZ public with lies and disinfo while taking their money. A professional bullshit artist and bend over boy. This sick little corrupt creep should be locked up in prison for treason, along with the rest of Radio NZ….In our humble opinion. Are we allowed our own opinions, Sir? 


As per usual.

Wait a day or three, then search your favorite terror attack and add the word Hoax.

No blood, a second shooter, fake rounds, etc. There is no AK47 on the market which can fire off 600 rounds without letting it cool down a few times in between.

More staged terrorism from Isis Ra eL and the 666 club. The God of war, by deception – judging America and the West.

And sold to Kiwis by the army of compliant Rothschild controlled child sex offenders and/or MK Ultra victims running our mainstream media and government.

The agenda – pushed by the likes of Gayon Espionage, is to disarm the West, to make it easier to tax you and abuse your children.


Note – we just noticed Youtube is removing these videos – Youtube is no doubt also riddled with these satanic globalist child sex offenders and /or MK Ultra slaves. We have just posted more below, but you can always find your own simply by searching and using the word Hoax. 

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